‘Atrocities Aren’t Accidents’ – by Helen of desTroy — Dispatches from the Asylum

(One outstanding article!  Lengthy, but very much worth reading in full) *** Atrocities Aren’t Accidents  Three years on, we have enough information on the architects of the pandemic to send them to prison or worse.  So why are they still getting away with murder?  by Helen of desTroy – via helenofdestroy.substack.com The information barrier separating […]

‘Atrocities Aren’t Accidents’ – by Helen of desTroy — Dispatches from the Asylum

Nailing it! From the article . . .

“Throw away the key

These people do not expect to be punished, but if humanity is to continue as something other than a slave species, they must be, and immediately. It’s hard to think of any crimes that haven’t been committed in the course of the planning, setup, and perpetration of this power-grab – fraud, corruption, murder, genocide, and the coercive pharmaceutical rape that will become depressingly common when so-called “health passports” or any other permutation of the World Economic Forum’s Known Traveler Digital Identity social credit score are adopted worldwide.”

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