The Mother of All Limited Hangouts — Consent Factory, Inc.

The Mother of All Limited Hangouts has begun. Yes, I’m talking about the “Covid Twitter Files,” which are finally being released to the public, in almost textbook limited-hangout fashion. I’ll get into that in just a minute, but first, let’s review what a “limited hangout” is, for those who are not familiar with the term. […]

The Mother of All Limited Hangouts — Consent Factory, Inc.

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18 thoughts on “The Mother of All Limited Hangouts — Consent Factory, Inc.”

  1. Never missed an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts on USAWATCHDOG. She’s someone special. As for Musk I’m going to reserve judgement. If it sounds too good to be true. Well, you know the rest. This telling us what he’s going to do but not doing starts to wear a bit thin. Either open up all the files or shut up. I’m not at all trusting of all his talk. Guess time will tell.

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      1. i think he was the first recipient of his neural link brain implant. i saw a few interviews he did years ago warning about the a. i system and what it would and could do. his personality changed within months of that interview. he became an adjusted individual. he is controlled by the very machine he has created. he is the monkey with the chip in his head.

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  2. Sorry, Kensho, the author of the article (yes, I read it all) is dumber than a rusted anvil, and his opinion of the events unfolding are tilted to discredit Musk. This discretization is also a trick of the far left to mitigate any damage as things come to light, and this author is lock stock in step with Nazi propaganda techniques. He thinks he knows history. He does not.


      1. Whenever something was going to come to light that would discredit HItler or his regime/policies, Joseph Goebbels would immediately attack the credibility of the source, so that when the information finally became public, nobody would believe it. Much the same that a defense attorney would do to a Prosecution witness. Also, I did not accuse anyone of being far left, just that he was attacking the credibility of Musk, even though Musk was simply bringing to light confirmation of Twitter’s Censoring.

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    1. Musk can discredit, himself, without C.J.’s help. Musk is a globalist. Period. He is also controlled. He stated that many accounts would be brought back from the dungeons, only to be brought to heel by the EU. They threatened to shut down Twitter for all of the EU and Musk dutifully complied. He put up a poll about stepping down. Most said yes and, yet, he is still there. If he was really all “free speechy”, where is Alex Jones? I am no Jones fan by any stretch but, Musk a free speech warrior? Please. Don’t even get me started on his “brain interface” and the torture of animals for it. He is no better than Fauci torturing Beagles.

      Then, there is Berenson. He is former NYT. He is part of the establishment and he is now suddenly “a good guy?” Right. Not buying it.

      Hopkins is spot on…again. Both Berenson & Musk have plenty to hide on their own. Musk is on the list of those that flew to Epstein Island.

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      1. Most people I talk to have no idea about Musk’s involvement with Neuralink. I have explained that whole thing to so many people and they’re always shocked. It’s barbaric what they’re doing to those chimps and the idea of making humans basically machines through brain chips. No thanks I’ll go live off grid before that happens.

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      2. So Musk is making up the “Twitter” logs that show Twitter was censoring? Those pesky facts getting in the way again? Oh, and I have visited the U.S. Capitol a few times, so I guess that must make me an insurrectionist, right? I was once in a bank that got robbed, so I must have been in on the robbery, right? Guilt by association. Just because Musk flew to Epstein Island, he must be guilty of Epstein’s sins?

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        1. 1. I don’t believe he is “making up” anything. Our corrupt government was in bed with the Twitter minions. Ditto FakeBook. Will he release everything? How would we know? Will FakeBook release any data? Doubtful.

          2. Pesky facts getting in the way of what? Again? Please translate.

          3. Congratulations. I’ve never been to the Capitol. Are you an insurrectionist? IDK. Don’t care. J6 was a freaking FBI/CIA psyop. And, Biden is a fake prez, installed by globalists. Anybody with a functioning brain knows Trump won. We just witnessed a repeat this past November.

          4. I don’t even understand the robbery question. What does that have to do with Musk?

          5. If you believe that anyone that flew to Epstein Island is “innocent” and just went “for the view”, go ahead.

          Musk is STILL a globalist, whether you like him or not. He is also torturing monkeys for neuralink and has self-driving cars that run into things, blow up, kill people and burn for four days. You are quite welcome to like him all you want. Again, I don’t care but, you seem to be having more trouble with “pesky facts” than I am.

          And, furthermore…why am I getting the hint that you are taking my dislike of Musk, personally? Is he like a distant relative of yours or something?

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      3. Now if you just remove all the “Musk” in your narrative, and replace it with “Biden”, i could get on board. Musk is a businessman at heart, Biden is a politician. Musk will listen to his target audience, just the same as any businessman would (you know, like CNNLOL and MSNBD-). It is Musk’s objective to make money. Nothing more, nothing less, and by stirring the pot, people cannot help but go follow along (like a car accident on the road), some for the hate, some for the thrill, but in the end, they all follow, .

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        1. I don’t want to replace anything with Biden. I want to REPLACE Biden. Unfortunately, the next in line is Cameltoe. 😵‍💫🤮

          CNNLOL & MSLSD still have audiences?

          It’s everybody’s objective to make money…or steal it.

          Ok. Follows, hates & thrills…you lost me, again.

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