28 More Ways to Assume Room Temperature — Dispatches from the Asylum

As we know, Father Time remains undefeated, and the mystery of when and where ‘TIME’S UP’ occurs is as complex as playing a Bach fugue. But leave it to the jackals to come up new and oh-so-clever ways that homo sapiens are now becoming worm food. 28 More Ways to Have a Heart Attack, According […]

28 More Ways to Assume Room Temperature — Dispatches from the Asylum

Are you flipping kidding me?! ~KH

From the article . . .

“Lynn compiled 28 examples from the media pinning heart attacks on unscientific causes that don’t explain the sudden increase in heart problems that have occurred since COVID-19 shots were mass administered.9 If you listen to these experts, if it’s hot or cold, you’re young or old, or you’re happy or stressed, you’re at risk. The first set has to do with weather.

Hot Outside? Cold Outside? Humid?  You’re at Risk

“Hot weather, cold weather, solar storms, daylight savings … it doesn’t matter,” Lynn says. “For every season, there is a reason for the rise in fatalities (other than the Covid injection of course!).”10

1.Extreme heat waves — Increasing temperatures leading to extreme heat waves were blamed for affecting heart health, especially among people of color.11

2.New ‘highly reactive’ chemical in the atmosphere — The chemicals, trioxides, have three oxygen atoms and are said to penetrate airborne particles known as aerosols, which can trigger heart disease. “It is easy to imagine that new substances are formed in the aerosols that are harmful if inhaled,” professor Henrik Grum Kjærgaard with the University of Copenhagen’s department of chemistry, told Daily Mail.12

3.Slightly hotter nights — If the temperature rises 1 degree Celsius, it raises the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 3.1% in men aged 60 to 64, “but not older men or women in either age group.”13

4.Humid weather — If the weather is humid, watch out. Professor James Spratt, consultant cardiologist at London Bridge Hospital, told Express.co.us, “Heat can be thought of as stress on the heart. While short exposure to heat, such as in saunas, can be beneficial, if prolonged it can be harmful. The body works hard to maintain a steady core temperature, primarily by diverting blood from internal organs to the skin.”14

5.Cold weather — If it’s chilly outside, blood clots and heart attacks are more likely.15

6.Shoveling snow — About 100 people die from shoveling snow every year, according to The National Safety Council, as the strenuous activity increases risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest.16

7.Solar storms — Solar storms reported cause up to 5,500 heart-related deaths in the U.S. in events that occur every 11 years, due to disruptions in the Earth’s magnetic field.17

8.Daylight saving time — The transition to daylight saving time is also said to put your heart health at risk. “We don’t really know the specific reason for increases in heart disease and stroke during the daylight saving time change, but it likely has something to do with the disruption to the body’s internal clock, or its circadian rhythm,” Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, president of the American Heart Association, told the Toronto Sun.18

9.‘Stroke season’ — Dr. Raj Bhardwaj says he didn’t know about this until 2022, but “it turns out” that about three to four weeks after flu season, there’s a stroke season. “The good news,” he says, “is that getting a flu shot reduces your risk of stroke.”19 “Did you know there is a ‘stroke season’? Well, that’s what the ‘experts’ say, so it must be true,” Lynn says.20

Read on and . . . Weep? Laugh? Cringe?

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7 thoughts on “28 More Ways to Assume Room Temperature — Dispatches from the Asylum”

  1. Oh…no doubt. HAARP is a major problem, as are the 5G towers, frequency weapons (remember the burned Aussies) & chemtrails.

    IDK what to make of the shedding thing. I have read reports of the unvaccinated getting nose bleeds from being around the vaxxed and/or hemorrhaging, period-like. That may have more to do with the bodies full of GO & giving off MAC addresses. They are clearly radiating something. Then, there is the metal that sticks to them.

    The larger picture is, humanity is waking up and TPTB wish we weren’t. They are desperately trying to hold power…and kill us off (though everyone leaves by their own choice). If the planet gets pushed into a nuclear WWIII, you ARE gonna see some UFOs…and it won’t be any stupid “invasion.” Mother Earth WILL be protected.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I do think the frequencies and chem-sky used to manipulate the weather is also causing problems for people and animals alike. One of our dogs has regular seizures now, and I get weird heart palpitations. I don’t believe the ‘shedding’ story, I think that’s a cover for those ‘sensitives’ who are feeling these affects without the vaxx.


  3. Blogger Brian A. Wilson of The Covid Blog calls this distraction #ABV…anything but the vaccine. So many cannot possibly face the fact that they took a bioweapon…and the clock is ticking. The lucky ones got saline. The rest of the background noise is all bullshit and lying to oneself.

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  4. That’s how I feel. First it was “definitely not a Chinese lab leak” then it was “maybe a lab leak but naturally occurring” then it was “definitely a lab leak but nobody’s fault” now it’s like “doesn’t matter if it was a lab leak because (insert other distraction tactic here)” the fact that they spoon feed this to people and some people eat it right up. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. HA, well said! 😆. As a kind of Hopium for my sanity I sometimes muse about the following possibility: Through their extreme gaslighting they are purposely trying to make it so obvious in a kind of reverse psychological operation with the good intentions of ‘no idiot left behind’. Possible?!

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  6. Every time I see a heart attack in the news I’m like Oprah. “Covid vaccine for you, covid vaccine for you, covid vaccine for everyone!” It’s so ridiculous the lengths they’re going to to blame everything else under the sun. Like “this otherwise perfectly healthy 20yo male just dropped dead from a heart attack because of climate change!” Or the fitness cycling instructor woman who takes excellent care of her health and had a widow maker (she also closed her gym for extra time for covid) so yeah. Covid vaccine for thee, no heart attack for me. (I hope)

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