Mighty Mirliton

This post is just a quick plant profile because I’m so very pleased we’ve finely been successful growing this impressive and delicious squash. We’ve tried at least five times previously and they never lived through the summer and died long before producing fruit in early fall. I wish I knew how we got lucky this time!

Sechium edule, aka mirliton, crook, vegetable pear, pimpinella, chayote, christophine, chocho

A perennial with leaves, fruit and root all edible. One plant can easily produce 100 fruits a year. It’s a day-length sensitive plant grown in tropical and subtropical areas.

In Zone 8 it can come back from the roots if well-mulched. Fingers crossed here! It was first domesticated in southern Mexico and Central America. The fruits are used raw like a zucchini or cucumber, or cooked like potatoes.

It’s a very popular vegetable in Creole cooking. It’s used in fritters, stuffed, pickled and smothered.

We’ll be trying all of those!

Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier
Louisiana Real & Rustic by Emeril Lagasse

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