A new and dramatic documentary about Geoengineering–I especially appreciate the social programming aspect of it. There’s a dozen ways or more working to condition the public to accept everything and anything without complaint or even public debate. It is precisely as I’ve been saying for years–we’ve been trained to adapt, adjust, conform, comply–like prisoners or slaves or livestock.

Now, if we start revolting against this assault in our skies and against our health, well-being and environment, what will the public insist on . . . regulation. Global governance will become the de facto solution. So once again “they”–whoever they are–create the problem, seed and reseed and reseed the public reaction, then provide the solution. They will keep on with that successful formula until it stops working, obviously. Wouldn’t you?

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.


  1. Wie erlangt man Erkenntnisse der höheren Welten?
    Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment

    This Rudolf Steiner’s book, is the most basic, foundational core work of his teachings. Considering his mission and the timeframe he was working, he did not have enough choices from the contemporary scientific and cultural terminologies compared to our recent timeframe. And the permission from the overseers to express and expose more deeper knowledge was limited. So in both perspectives, Steiner’s material is outdated.

    However, it is still useful if a person has inner wisdom to see some fragments that are still effective now. I personally think it is not beneficial for newbies to start from scratch and invest full engagement to his teachings. There are better updated stuffs out there. And “following certain teaching systems” may not be a wise choice in this recent timeframe.

    From my understanding, Steiner was representing the faction behind true freemasons and rosicrucians. The factions are still here, they have their own agendas, so they have updated groups and teaching systems out there, with different packages now.

    A person need to be careful to engage in these teachings, even if the applications such as biodynamic agriculture are effective. Because following the teachings and using the technologies under their belief system is a “consent” of being in their faction’s system.

    Instead of paying money for the copyrights and the patents licenses, the followers may be paying energies and life forces to the shareholders of the system.

    Here is an example of the declaration exposing the truth of Steiner’s system, the metaphysical contract agreements.

    The existence of disease and death in the sense-world is thus explained.
    Death merely expresses the fact that the original supersensible world reached a point beyond which it could not progress by itself.
    Universal death must needs have overtaken it, had it not received a fresh life-impulse.

    Rewritten by YAMAKAWA,
    in contemporary “exopolitical Extraterrestrial intervention” terminology:

    The existence of earthling’s sufferings in the earth-matrix is thus explained.
    Earthly death merely is a fractal expression in the “lower densities” representing the stagnation of the evolution of the certain races in the “higher densities”, which could not evolve further by themselves.
    Those extraterrestrial “higher density races” were destined to go extinct, had they not harvested energies from earthly humans to revitalize their races.

    Thus, the teaching system can be seen as a harvest devise, one of the many false-light teaching systems out there.

    They may be effective to certain extent. But there may be taxes and tariffs in the energetic levels when using the system.


    1. Thanks kensho, I thought the above maniac comment on Rudolf Steiner material would not be approved.

      I personally prefer this comment not to be approved, shown public thru internet.
      But it is fine still, if it is approved.

      > In fact, it’s the ‘solutions’ I distrust more than all the rest!

      A person can never “design” a solution, if the person is never addressing clearly, the person’s personal honest motivation to facing the problem he/she is acknowledging.

      Let alone, copy other person’s method when he/she do not understand the motive of the design the originator had. If the originator’s motive is different from the user’s motive, it would not work properly.

      Hence, asking one’s motive facing the problem, that is the minimum level of necessity for one to do his/her personal inner work.

      @ without asking inner motives, buying goods is still consumerism

      As with biodynamics, orgones, Tesla tech, Schauberger and all those alternate-science, metaphysical technologies out there,

      it would be the same if the user is just buying the tools. A user just following the metholodogies and teachings blindly, becoming a mere follower.

      It is still consumerism, the difference is that the user is following something that is not mainstream, the user is “a little bit open” to non-consensus technologies.

      Most followers of new-cAge and consensus religion, consensus scientific academy, are equally stuck in consumerism. A person must be seen not by what type of merchandise they are consuming, but whether they are stuck-consumers or not.

      Some persons may be disguised as members of the consensus religious groups, but they may not be consumers of that group’s doctrines.

      Some person may be a researcher in the alternate-science groups, but he/she may be just a believer of that belief system, merely a consumer of that new-scientific-sect’s theories.

      @@ a book describing what is timeline?

      I don’t feel recommending fishy books to anyone, including kensho, but here it is.
      (The title is fishy LOL, but the content is not. That is why the book is not famous, and is very likely to never go mainstream even in the metaphysical communities)

      to kensho, for his questioning about what time is, and timelines are.

      I think this book was one of the best in describing about time and timelines, in English, so far, out from all the fishy books I had read.

      It is written very simply, not corrupt with complex terminologies. But that does not mean the reader could receive or understand what the author is describing. Because the core is in between the lines. It is impossible to “believe” something in between the lines 🙂

      The in-between is really not reading what someone else:author wrote, but accessing the personal inner of the reader oneself. The book is only the trigger of that inner accessing.

      The book doesn’t give answers, won’t impose or propose some beliefs. The book just give some hooks and hints to access questions by oneself (however, books are expressions of the author’s thoughtforms)

      Hope you like it. It is cheap in Kindle, so it would not be a big waste of money, even if a person do not like the book.

      I would recommend a person to buy the paper book rather than the Kindle ebook version, since reading ebooks would alter the person’s understanding via reading thru the flickering monitors of the PCs and smartphones. The paperback purchased in USA seems still fairly cheap.

      (I personally read thru the Kindle book, since the international shipping cost would be too costly for a thin paperback book.)

      Truth Beyond the Earthly Matrix: Understanding the Earthly Programs of Limitations and Controls
      by Ronald Fellion

      @@@ about the author and flat earth

      I have skimmed thru all the author’s FakeBook page articles. It is interesting to see his changes of his views throughout the years before writing that book.

      It is also very interesting to see his views about the flat earth. Flat earth is not mentioned in the book, but is in the FB pages. It is fun to read his views.

      In fact, I resonate partly with his “flat earth views” in that level of perception LOL!!!

      Because, contemporary spherical view of the planetary bodies, including spherical Earth, is similar to the perceptions of the crude understanding of particle physics, the matter as building blocks of spherical elements.


  2. Here are some stuff to share that might give “positive insights” to kensho, (and Mishelle 🙂 ).

    Yep, I skimmed thru GWsite recent comments after a while, and realized your comments there. Basically, the situation there seemed stagnant, operating well, as it is designed to be (The lawsuit progress notice comes up in proper timings, to trigger “hope” in occasions). The regular commenters kept staying in their limited victimized mindsets, only perceiving in their “confined conventional scientific comfort zones”, or the “imposed scientific-disguised belief system”. Their perceptions only allow them to complain their privileges of being allowed to breath in chemtrailed sprinkled atmospheres. Fear, anger, hope, and confusion, in a loop, is a nourishment to some entities behind the sites, and they would be satisfied to taste different seasonings transitioning in that emotional loops.

    I suppose if any sane person studied well enough about the major, popular anti-geoengineering whistleblower sites for several years, and followed the progress, would realize that the situation has never changed better after the years. (Well, it is getting “worse” really)

    Mass awakening?
    Mass is still mass, where is the center of gravity of that mass???

    Those sites won’t go beyond a certain level, a very low level allowed for a true humane potential, so if a person wants to go beyond the “beginner state”, a person need to go to the next steps, if they want to progress.

    It is possible to browse thru plethora of “open” geoengineering patents and papers, but that won’t help progress people, after accepting the geoengineering whistleblowing. Feeding people’s minds updating constantly with overdose data is useful to make people stuck in the victim-loop, enforcing the loop by imprinting more information that would stabilize their victimized mindset, ensuring their current belief system.

    “Engineered truth” will set people un-free.

    And people like “engineered truth” because it is edible to their current belief system.
    Real truth is not edible for conventional belief systems.

    Here, some person may get reminded that there once was a good American living on the land.

    Luther Burbank: his methods and discoveries and their practical application

    also, for some maniacs, rosicrucian documents may be fun to skim thru, on the same page.
    Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer, aus dem 16ten und 17ten Jahrhundert:

    History of Science and Technology University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

    A reminder that science, a belief system shifting thru contemporary times, is just “relative truth”, and a relative belief system.

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    1. Nice to hear you Yamakawa, your comments are appreciated. Yes, I still follow GW site, but haven’t commented in ages. I find it quite astounding, and therefor admirable, that so many can stay so on-task for so long with so little results. I understand what you are saying and have thought along similar lines. But, I don’t have any answers and I often fit well in the conditioned loop you describe, unfortunately.

      You say: “I suppose if any sane person studied well enough about the major, popular anti-geoengineering whistleblower sites for several years, and followed the progress, would realize that the situation has never changed better after the years. (Well, it is getting “worse” really).”
      This is the reason why I decided to not continue to post photos of the ‘normal’ sometimes daily chemtrailing anymore–I realized quite quickly that this is not ‘waking folks up’ at all, it’s conditioning us to accept it and future generations to seeing ‘mass sky traffic’ and pollution and think it is just fine, no problem, going on for decades, why are all those crazy folks so paranoid about it, etc., etc. Then I remember my own youth–look how scared those old folks are about music videos (or radio waves, or microwaves, or the Internet and on and on) and thinking they were imbeciles. So the youth now have not changed much and I have moved into the imbecile role–hehe. 🙂

      So, I keep studying, and loving my learning of the land. I can’t stop what’s happening, I can’t learn to ignore it, and I can’t like it. But, I also can’t be the unhappy activist attaching on to one of the many ‘anti’ groups, because I’m terribly allergic to the victim mentality and because somewhere in my heart I understand, as you do, that even if by some miracle we/they could get all geo-engineering to stop tomorrow, that ultimately will not change a thing. The issues facing humanity are far greater than runaway science and fraudulent big data and even psychopathic leaders or collapsing power structures. But as I said, I don’t have the answers. I’m like everyone else pointing at all the problems–even as I realize the proposed ‘solutions’ are not solutions at all. In fact, it’s the ‘solutions’ I distrust more than all the rest!


      1. Thanks kensho for the kind honest reply!
        I thought the comment would irritate somewhat,
        Glad it didn’t, whew! 😉

        > I realized quite quickly that this is not ‘waking folks up’ at all,
        Yes, I totally agree. (I see the similar situation here in Japan, in Fukushima nuke pollution.)
        It’s similar to 911 attacks infos, labeled as conspiracy theories.
        It’s well circulated and re-circulated and re-circulated thru medias in the “advanced nations”, where most average persons should have at least heard of it once by now. Majority of those persons who could access the internet and could “read letters” should have heard of it. (Although there are still, many illiterate and non-internet people in those nations)

        But even for the literate persons, the crucial part is how to interpret those “unpleasant information”. Nurturing discernment, logical thinking, and meta-logical thinking is not taught, is neglected purposely, in the current schooling system.

        So, here we see the difficulty of “the insiders”, to even try to disclose some situations nearer to the direct expression of the incidents. Those factions trying to disclose some “unpleasant information” in the “rather benevolent motives” are not working well, or failing. Honest and direct expression of the incident would not be edible to average persons. So the infos are thinned and manipulated, even when the disclosure project initially started from “benevolent motives“.

        There are also manipulated info engineered from “malevolent motives”, so it is nearly impossible for average persons to see the difference mixed with opposite and various direction of motives.

        A person need to smell the “motives” behind the infos, which is like reading between the lines. But that is so-called inspirational knowledge (inner wisdom), different from psychic senses. Psychic senses are extension of the physical senses, but still merely senses. Even if a person could smell something more minutely psychically than the canine noses, does not mean a person can discern wisely than dogs LOL

        ( Hence, we see some psychic person who has good? psychic eyes, but has terrible discernment mind and corrupt inspirational wisdom. So some clairvoyant persons are not fake liars, but has disfunctional distorted lenses.)

        > I’m like everyone else pointing at all the problems
        If persons don’t see the problems, they won’t even be at the starting point of the possibilities of facing the problems.

        I personally think there are enough pointing out, out there to start, in the “outer expressions in the world”.
        However, most pointing is merely scratching the surface, in my understanding, so the info itself would never help persons be able to face the root of the problem. Hence, they would never be capable of mitigating and/or curing the problems “out there”.

        Some “out there” parts are connected as solidarity responsibility to every human being living on the planet now, so no one is “innocent”, however ignorant and suppressed they think they are to be, even if the person did not directly take part in conducting the messes. The victim-mindsets are not innocent also.

        The messes are overwhelming, even from my view of understanding.
        The scope what a person could perceive, is kind of the wideness of the region, the heaviness of the domain of responsible burden, one can be held responsible for.
        So the more a person could perceive, the more burden one is expected to carry and resolve.
        Oppositely, if a person don’t want to face/carry more, then the person should not dig further.

        If a person don’t see it, they don’t have to see/face the problems/messes.

        Persons who truly understand the above, would not spread out “the truth” carelessly. Because, they understand knowledge/info exceeding a person’s potential would only become heavy burdens beyond that person’s capability. They know that knowledge/info could be carelessly spread out, even if it would be taken with distortions from incapable recipients. Also, they understand that wisdom, not knowledge, not information, could not be spread out.

        These persons show ways and examples a person can work with one’s inner. If the person nurtures oneself to the level that he/she is now at the potential that could face the messes, the issues at that level of understanding comes to person. A person don’t have to go find out the problems, the problems come to the person who has the capability to resolve the mess at that level LOL

        > In fact, it’s the ‘solutions’ I distrust more than all the rest!
        There are no solutions really. Because, solution to a problem is designed, after the problem is acknowledged, and when the motives to face the problem is addressed.


        The average anti-geoengineering communities are not really addressing the motives, in my understanding. What are their motives, honestly? Do they want to cure the planet no matter what, or they just want to go back to the “normal consumerism way of life”, like in the peaceful 1980’s??? I see most people are wishing the latter motive unconsciously, which is impossible now.

        Solutions have to be backed by the (inner) motives. So solutions don’t have to restricted by (outer) technologies and/or concrete methodoligies.

        But here, I would restrict the meaning in a narrow terminology. Solution: concrete methods or technologies, to cure the geoengineering messes, in this presumable context.

        Solution is tied with the problem-motive-solution. Even if the problem was the same issue, the solutions would be designed differently if the motives were different.

        That would still be simple, when the motive is shared the same between the factions, but the solutions are expressed differently. But there are issues when the same issue is seen as a problem to some factions, but is seen as a solution to the different factions.

        In the chemtrails-issue, for example, some major part of the doers of the chemtrailing, does not think the chemtrails as the problem. They are chemtrailing to “solve” the problems, in their belief system. Chemtrailing is a “solution” to their “problems”. These factions see this planet beyond the electro-magnetic frequencies beyond the plasma layer of the reality, however, not so far much further to the multiple layers of reality.

        On the other hand, average anti-geoengineering people see chemtrails as problems polluting the planet, the so-called sphere planet in their narrow perception of their belief system. They only see the reality as a electro-magnetic layer of existence as everything there is.

        Currently, the major shareholders of the chemtrailing-issue, the factions who have the authority to stop chemtrailing, deem chemtrailing as a solution to their problems. Chemtrailing—is-a-solution, Chemtrail-not-a-problem. Their problem is not solved yet, so they don’t have the motivation to stop the spraying. Their current motivation is to continue and do so more efficiently to cope with their problem-issues. They are trying other methods as a solution, shifting away from chemtrail-method—solution, but not fully yet.

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  3. I think there are two different approaches to the carrots and, how to interact with nature in general. You can combine and try both approaches, and experiment in each ways.

    First is the indigenous type, the second is the technological type.

    The first way, a person tries to “communicate directly” with the organism. Ask the carrot if he/she likes something or not. Ask if we humans could assist its growth and how it would like it to be. Also, thank the carrot for us to harvest them. This way respects the organisms in general, even if we were to eat them up LOL

    Shamanism and related wisdom of all those effective plant medicine WERE NOT gained from trial and errors thru conducting many ad hoc experiments. Basically, the plants and/or other entities representing some aspects of nature taught the person, and/or collaborated with each other to generate the wisdom. The shaman had to be wise and adept with communications, because sometimes, the spirits had hidden agendas which were not primarily for the benefit for the human race. This is the tricky part of “collaborated works”.

    The second way, is a technological type. It does not matter whether the carrot has its opinions and preferences or not, because basically, we humans won’t ask them anything and would not expect their reactions&opinions.

    The current “scientific paradigm”, of trial and error. Without some “good inspiration” hitting the person at some time, he/she would never figure out a good solution. Basically, this type only succeeds when the “good inspiration” comes to the person. Generally, the person never understands where the “good inspiration“ came from, and the small ego thinks that their personal diligence had earned the good luck…..

    Rudolf Steiner was kind of the mix of the two, but from my understanding, he did not communicate directly with the plant kingdom much. Rather, he was more tech-oriented, however, the metaphysical technology from certain factions. Some faction was where the Archangel Michael belong. The so-called Michaelic stream. There are some lecture notes about copper and Venus stuff, as related in traditional alchemy where the planets and certain minerals are connected.

    I haven’t directly tested copper tools on plants yet, so below are my speculations. Sorry if it does not work.

    > using copper garden tools, but they are so expensive
    Harald Kautz Vella mentioned about winding copper wire around the plants, which would help the plant grow vibrantly. If you can sense the “opinion” and/or reactions from the plants, you can try the positions of the wires where the plant wants it to be.

    Some plants may like it, some may not. Figuring out the good effective positions, would be “futile tiresome” trial and error if you could not sense the reactions from the plants.

    Orgonite on WEED

    I’m not sure about what Harald was pointing, but probably Lakhovsky copper wire. I’m not sure about this yet.

    > I put them in various densities in various places of the garden
    If the soil were acidic, the copper would rust into verdigris, which would not be good for the plants. That is decay, not fermentation, in the mineral kingdom.

    The plants would probably only need the “vibrations” represented by the copper mineral. So if the water you have is drawn from the well in your area, and if it is fair quality, you can put the un-rusted penny with water in a bucket, probably a sealed jar would be better, for a few days so the vibrations are imprinted to that water. Then, you can try spraying that water to the leaves and/or water them to the soil.

    I think Steiner worked with Ita Wegman in homeopathic methods to find the suited concentrations for remedies. The principles for creating homeopathic remedies could be applied to making fertilizer for plants, and also for medicine for humans.

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  4. Beware of the ground sites as well LOL!
    Something toxic is not only falling from the skies, but are emitted also from the ground areas!

    Here is a good video I came by recently.
    The walkthrough scenes explain enough, even if a person disregards the conspiratorial perspectives.

    Canberra’s Secret Undertones – Collaboration video with Halfasheep

    It seems Australia is really one of the frontlines of the experiment places in the modern metaphysical technologies. Controlling, manipulating technologies.

    People under the influence of the technologies think they have free will and think they are thinking by their own. But they are only thinking under the certain framework, and are bound to the designed psyche.

    I have realized the common metaphysical technology used to control the psyche of the peoples of the area, thru geometrical architectures are here in Japan also. Not only modern designs, but also in traditional designs.

    The shrines in Japan utilizes trees in the settings. It differs from the perspectives on what sides you take on the factions, but most factions are using trees as “slaves”, not respecting, not honoring the trees’ natural sovereignty.

    Many New-cAgers accept crystals and minerals to create metaphysical grids, but don’t realize there are related technologies to bind the trees and use them as “living pegs/generators” to compose the grid design. Well, if a person accepts that, then it would be natural to use “living pegs”, which are from the animal kingdom, and then to the human kingdom.

    Bai sema

    Now, to be fair, technologies can be used in both sides, respecting the will of others, or imposing the will to others.

    In my understanding, some native cultures, the indigenous gentle peoples used the related methods to honor the living things in the area. I view shell mounds are those methods, they are not mere garbage sites. I also see the wisdom in some native Americans’ sites as well. Theirs are ceremonies, not rituals.

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    1. Absolutely Yamakawa, I must learn more about this, thanks for the links. I thought of you yesterday, because I was harvesting a lot of carrots, in July! It’s been very hot and this is the first year we’ve had carrots this late, the same variety I usually plant, which typically goes to seed by now from the heat. Not these! I still have a bunch of them under shade cloth. I kept wondering, why this time? Of course, I can’t be sure and this is just a thought that is maybe worth exploring and trying some real scientific-type trails, but could it be the copper pennies I planted with them?!

      I think it was one of the Rudolf Steiner vids that talked about using copper garden tools, but they are so expensive. We had a jar of old pennies from when they were still made of copper and I put them in various densities in various places of the garden, especially with the carrots. What do you think, possible?! 🙂


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