Homestead Love-Hate

I hate August on the homestead.  There, I’ve admitted it. I can’t stand pretending.  Sitting at the kitchen table looking at the last of about 250 pounds of pears, I could almost cry.

I’d like to sell it all right now and move to Fiji.  I imagine moving permanently into a rented beach hut complete with pool boy serving me colorful fruity cocktails all day.  Not processing pears.  Not plucking dozens of ducks.  Not gaping helplessly at the crops becoming engulfed, scorched, withering to their deaths.

Handy Hubby could even join me there if he wanted to, it’s not his fault after all.  The bugs, the heat, my aching hands, the better part of an entire nation on vacation, as if that weren’t bad enough.

Because then on top of it all is the garden.  Every year, the garden horror show, unrecognizable from a month ago, my annually recurring failure at keeping nature mildly tamed.


In anticipation of my August mood, this year I planted loads of flowers at the garden entrance.  Flowers and puppies are just about all that’s keeping depression at bay.  Some are miserable in the dead of winter; I am miserable in the dead of summer.

cowpeasMowing stopped mid-way for stabbing arthritic pain in my wrists and fingers.  I don’t care anymore.  I can’t care anymore.  There are plenty of cow peas and a few ripe melons in that mess, if you dare.  After weeks at work, this is what Hubby must come home to, and rescue me from, furthering my shameful failure.

Okra successfully outmaneuvering the pernicious grasses, but I don’t like okra.


happypig1The pigs still have their wee escape, and I have mine.

Puppy love.

Puppy pics are way more fun than chemtrail pics.


I could be taking photos of the regular assault in our skies with the disgusting aerosols of climate engineering, as I was for a number of months.  Another failure it seems, because I can’t bare it, it doesn’t seem to be helping anything at all, except for normalizing abhorrent “science”.


I simply have no more capacity or patience for folks who don’t, can’t or won’t see, or who don’t care, or who like, the whole-scale rape, murder and pillage of our planet.  When will it stop?  When will the madness heal?  When will a mass of mankind have had enough of bowing to their masters as they crack the whip on the laws of nature?

I’m on vacation alright, just like the bulk of a nation, it’s just a vacation on my window seat, directly under the a/c unit, where I’m grateful to continue my climate engineering research thanks to these more tireless and consistent deeply concerned citizens.

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Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

12 thoughts on “Homestead Love-Hate”

  1. Hello kensho!
    Yeah, I have looked at some news and reports via internet. Very interesting stuffs were out there, and I have learned quite a lot this time, in a social engineering perspective!

    Nice you had raw experience! Persons can use the memory of the direct experiences and use it as a point of reference at later times. There may be some things that comes up to realization, what was unknown at that time, but pops up later.

    I can’t mask and cover sunlight by a moon anytime at will LOL,
    so those rare timings were important to me at that time.

    I was really amused and awed at seeing the so-called pinhole effect. The tree leaves projected many annular rings to the ground, scattering multiple images like a hologram. I still don’t get the “real principle” of this, not the accepted “explanations from physics”. That experience in the special timing indicates, that the “pinhole scattering effect” is happening in everyday normal timings as well, although it is difficult for my mind to consciously recognize that happening. What a wonder!

    Those “abnormal timings” can help me realize those wonders happening in “normal timings” as well. I dismiss many wonders happening every day, so those special timings help spiking up those dismissed knowing, floating out to recognition.

    > I did look at it, with bare eyes, but my eyes are not well-trained in this at all, so it was difficult.
    Several days ago, it was clear hot sky, so I tried to gaze up at the sun on high noon time. I couldn’t bare seeing it for a second!!! ;(

    Recently, I’m getting sure even the sun has “moods” in the timeframe recognizable in the very-short timeframe of a human physical vessel. The sunshine isn’t flat stable.

    Before, I was very skeptical that planetoids and stars have “consciousness”. Although many indigenous and some ancient traditions have myths and perspectives of those consciousnesses, symbolizing as deities of the planetoids, I have thought those were only for special shamans. I was skeptical about recent fluffy channelling stuffs about channelling mother earth, gaia, sophia, and so on.

    But recently, I am gradually realizing they do have point of reference to communicate. I’m starting with this planet first, since I’m on it (allowed to dwell inside it) now. It’s pretty fun, but it also means, that the planet, she knows what I am doing and thinking every time. It is COMPLETE SURVEILLANCE LOL

    Living things on this planet are using the planet’s elements, borrowing the minerals and life forces which also has their frame of consciousnesses, so the “surveillance” is inevitable as long as the organisms are composed of those elements. The surveillance is happening anyway, whether the organisms are aware of it or not. The surveillance is “two way”, so a person can reverse the direction of surveillance, and utilize the connection as a way to communicate with the planetary consciousness. They say open your heart and the likes, and it simply seems to be the case, using the core part of existence as the reference point of communication.

    If a person consciously realize this, it becomes really difficult to do shameful and harmful things to the planetary realm. Feeling of being watched doesn’t feel unpleasant, like those nasty surveillance from the Big Brother surveillance technology though.

    Extending from this knowing, it becomes natural to the understanding of the occurrences of natural disasters (from human standpoint), as well as artificial geoengineering disasters, which are “allowed” to happen to a certain degree. They won’t be “allowed” to continue, if it is not under the agreement of the planet. It does not mean it would be peaceful in human cultural perspectives, because in analogy to a human body, the immune system would kill and fight back to something harmful to the body. And the body would kill its cancer cells if the body could not transmute the abnormality of the cancer cells back into a normal state. The transmuting and the wiping out of the cancer cells is what is happening and will even accelerate even more. We can see both the transmutation process and also the removal process happening.

    @ gnostic documents, recent fishy??? perspective
    I see some recent “channelling materials” are not fake, but regardlessly, it seems cheap since that would innately happen when the messages are diminished down to printed words.

    So persons backed by academic research and wisdom from ancient texts are sometimes more inspiring, although it may be too stubborn old and contaminated by terminolgy at times.

    After the US eclipse, I came to know John Lamb Lash. I haven’t throughly skimmed to his materials yet, but his latest book, Not in HIS Image, is very interesting to skim thru. I haven’t read it thru fully, but his book supports my recent understanding to Plato and Plotinus.

    In the broader picture, his stuff indicates the root of the “evil” and “abnormality” happening in this region of the galaxy.

    Persons may have heard words such as “archons” and “AI consciousnesses” and “astral entities” spreading in the alternative fishy medias, but most are mere disinformation and fear porns, which dismiss the crucial part, “what are the origins of the so-called archons”?

    John Lash Archons, Sophia and Gnosticism

    That’s my recommendation video, since it is short. If that seem to be interesting, the interview with Aussie Lisa Harrison covers more deeply and extensively. I think you’ll be interested, assuming from your preference to Michael Tsarion’s materials.


  2. Yamakawa, thank you for sharing this authentic experience, it sounds lovely, and more interesting than my own for sure. I hadn’t replied sooner b/c it was something of a disappointment for me and I would’ve preferred your experience!

    There was so much hype about this here that it was impossible for me to have much of any real inner experience that I can as yet perceive. It was all over radio, TV, everyone talking about it in the shops, folks pulling over in their cars to watch, clubs gathering with the special glasses to view in groups-it was quite the spectacle!

    I did look at it, with bare eyes, but my eyes are not well-trained in this at all, so it was difficult. I was focused on the outward, the physical things I would notice, or thought I would–shadows, temp, aura, something?! Really I just saw part of the sun shaded, and not even by a ‘figure’ I could make out was the moon.

    Then on the evening news, national and local, all they could talk about was the great “science” of it all. They kept repeating this, interviewing children about the great science they were witnessing. Very odd. That I saw clearly as ‘technocracy rising’ and this scientism view that what we should credit nature with, we now credit science. Very unnerving actually. I also remember a distinct feeling of nausea after looking directly at the sun.


  3. Hi kensho,
    I went to the local shrine to be there on the new moon time in 3:30 a.m (13:30 p.m CDT Texas time).

    I observed the sunrise from Tokyo region.
    It was densely cloudy that the boundaries of the sun was not clear at that time.

    Isn’t it romantic to see the sun from the other side of the planet! 🙂

    Around 6:00 a.m. (16:00 p.m CDT), the cloud covering density was just good to observe the sun, where the boundary was clear, but was covered vaguely so it was good condition to sun gaze with bare eyes.

    I could gaze continuously total about 30 minutes, resting in between times.

    There was no moon covering the sun rays, so I could only ONLY SEE the SUN part. No OVERLAYS from the moon LOL

    I consciously grounded myself, so I didn’t sense any malevolent broadcast from the sun, at least from my perspective. Probably I rejected the mal-etheric-programmings automatically.

    From my physical eyes, I saw pink aura around the sun at that time, in the duration. When I closed my eyes, I saw greenish, the complementary color of pink, so it wasn’t illusion, at least for my physical visual senses.

    Around 6:35 a.m, the sun aura turned lemon yellow for some time, about 10 minutes. Then, the cloud cover became thick, so I ended the observation and came back home.

    And here, I posted the comment as soon as I came back home.
    posted around 7:06 a.m. (17:05 CDT)

    Hope you didn’t miss the precious opportunity for the DIRECT OBSERVATION.

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  4. Here are some points of view, from a person residing outside the United States, who is looking toward the eclipse event coming soon. 3 points of perspectives: social-engineering, metaphysical permeation, and scientific observation. The 3 points are intermixed.

    For persons having affinities toward “spiritual” communities and exopolitical disclosure communities may have heard people inviting to participate in the “mass” group meditation events on the time of the eclipse.

    I have seen the similar call for the participation to the eclipse events, when the annular eclipse happened in Japan, in 2012. I never took part in those group events and in “mass” meditations, because I presumed and “smelled” the basic motives and mechanics behind the scenes, which I have written down below.

    After the eclipse, I have heard from several persons who participated in “mass” meditation event, who said that they felt dizzy during the event. Some felt kind of sick after the meditation. I have looked thru some blog and facebook posts about people writing the reports and articles about their experiences being in the event. Basically, many “spiritual” people may be nice, but are rather innocent and docile, so they are apt to think those dizziness are from overloads of “bliss”, and never suspect that they had been infiltrated and/or being spongered on and/or implanted/infected something onto them.

    In the US eclipse, it is very interesting timing to see the deepness of “discernment eyes” and “spiritual preferences” of some figures in the spiritual community. Some groups are “apparently” social-engineered groups, some are “fishy” groups with “smells” controlled by malevolent factions. So looking at many people teaming up with those “core groups“ indicates some hints that they don’t have the eyes to track the “smells”, or shows their preferences are the likes. This serves as an “indirect proof” of their similarities between different groups. So this perspective is interesting as for studying the living example of social engineering and also as indications of the spiritual discernment abilities and preferences of so-called “spiritual” peoples.

    @ synchronization between timelines, twining timeline-threads into “time-ropes”
    Basically, a person who has a soul, each person has his/her personal timeline/reality. Each person has one’s personal timeline. A person’s timeline may be quite different from other person’s timeline, or may be quite similar to another person.

    When each different person shares some event, something global that could be shared as common event thru many persons, such as a planetary-class event like the eclipse, a synchronization between each different persons’ timelines could be possible. It is fairly impossible to dismiss/ignore a planetary event from one’s personal experience, inevitable from acknowledging the event in one’s personal timeline, as long as the person is in the planetary realm.

    So the eclipse event could be seen as one of the massively shared event seen in most persons’ timelines, at the similar timepoint coordinate in their timelines.

    Suppose some psychic agent wanted to infiltrate into some target person’s timeline. At the beginning of infiltration, without much prior intel about that person’s life history, it is difficult to find specific coordinate points to hook into the person’s psyche. Even in those circumstances, it is very likely that the eclipse event could be found in that person’s timeline history. The general info/assumption that the person was to be living in the place and in time when that event happened in that person’s life is sufficient for trying the eclipse event as the hooking infiltration point into that person’s life history timeline.

    This mechanism is neither good or bad, it is how it is. How this mechanism is used would be different behind the motives using this mechanism. A person could use the mechanism consciously for one’s soul to set the point in one’s timeline as a conscious “save point”, which could be utilized by one’s soul in later circumstances. That could be a personal motive beneficial for that person. The soul and/or the “higher self” of the person may utilize the timing to provide the person with some energies and invigorating infos.

    This mechanism could be utilized as a permeation of vibration, broadcasting from the sun, that is likely to be received by many persons effectively. It is a very good timing to broadcast something to many listeners very efficiently. The contents of the broadcast differs with the motives of the broadcaster. Also, the broadcasting can be two-way traffic.

    Unconscious listeners could be very susceptible to the broadcast, since the listener isn’t even aware that the broadcast is happening.

    Conscious listeners could consciously choose the broadcasting channel one prefers to listen, and neglect channels not preferred.

    The “listening” is effectively done when “gazing” the sun whether thru filters or not. Pupils are one of the window points of emitting and receiving information. Basically, even without the gazing or looking, the broadcasting is in the ray anyway. Even from the skin, the vibration can be received.

    In 2012 in Japan, I basically listened to my surroundings, with the trees and the animals and the atmosphere. Those listening was a supplemental for grounding myself while I was also gazing the sun. I was focused on the surroundings’ reactions toward the changes of the sun rays, so I wasn’t tuning in to those broadcasts to the masses. However, from curiosity, I sometimes tuned into those broadcast channels for the mass meditation groups, which was quite disgusting, and the contents were unbearably dull to listen for over a minute LOL

    I was aware there would be mal-intent broadcasts, so I reminded constantly myself, primarily on grounding, then listening to the surroundings. Grounding would protect me from those mal-intended stuffs, also assure my focus onto this planetary reality.

    Aside from those observations of the fishy “metaphysical broadcasts”, there are more interesting and important “grounded” scientific observation that could be done on the eclipse timing.

    I observed how the moon cut some vital rays of the sunlight. From listening to the reactions from the trees, it was interesting to hear the trees quiet down as the rays dimmed. It’s a gut feeling that there really is something in the rays that is really vital for the life on the planet. The silence of the trees are the indications much more than the cessation of the so-called photosynthesis activities. It is possible to touch or put the ears to the trunk of the tree to tactilely feel the difference of the stemflows.

    At 2012, I didn’t have the perspective about the moon being a “dead planetoid”, but currently, I resonate near to the perspectives of this person.

    Earth, Moon and Sun


  5. @@@ current overt level of the DNA manipulation technologies

    > some facets of the various climate engineering programs are geared toward making epigenetic changes to DNA?

    Current overt DNA manipulation technologies operate on a single cell. It is still stuck on the physical planes, where “multiplicity” is seen.

    When the “seed” DNA is manipulated, they have to be inserted to a embryo cell, the initiating single cell which then splits to multiple cells up to form the designated organs or the complete organism.

    It is difficult to overwrite the already living “multiple” cells without killing the cells. It is currently done by replacing the “rewritten congregation of cells” to the targeted area. Organs replacement.

    The next step is, how to manipulate the multiple cell congregations, without operating over EACH multiple number of cells.

    This is similar in the concept with chemtrails, where the nano particles are spread out to the air, the sea of multiple plasmic molecules, to manipulate the congregations of the multiple molecules. The nano particles scattered to the target area, where the particulates operate as antenna points receiving the vibrations from the radiation coming from electromagnetic emission.

    If there are particles in the cells, the electromagnetic waves would oscillate the fluids in the cells in certain frequencies. The specific DNA coding could be targeted by the sounds of the frequencies. Efficiently, the DNAs in multiple cells could be influenced synchronously, from a single source from the electromagnetic controlling point. Multiplicity controlled from single point.

    This is the apparent level of epigenetic manipulation into the electromagnetic spectrum of the bodies.

    If a person could experience lucid dreams and/or astral projection with a body, he/she could observe and see if there are “multiple cells” in that dream body. In that spectrum, coping with “multiplicity” is not there. “Gene manipulation” is done differently.

    So electromagnetic emission technology can be seen as “in-between” technology, between multiplicity and singularity. Multiple particles vs waves.

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  6. Personally, I think getting the mindset ready for the eclipse experience is much important in this timeframe, since we can do epigenetic research later LOL!

    But here are some points that I had realized interesting.
    (It is convenient to skim thru google search results by setting 100 results per page)

    How To Show More Than 10 Results Per Page In Google Search

    @ toxicoepigenomics, nanotoxicology, nanoparticle cytotoxicity
    From looking at the papers with these keywords, it could be “indirectly” showing that the researchers are aware at some extent, that there are toxic activities going on in the nano level.

    Researches in how the toxins are operating, how to intoxicate the target, and how to prevent/cure against the inflictions.

    21. Nanoparticles and Toxicoepigenomics Saura C. Sahu
    Nanoparticles in:
    soil, water, air, medicine

    @ AuNP, AuNPs : Au(gold) Nano Particles
    There are many researches focused on gold particles specifically.

    @@ epigenetic influences from “consciousness”, not from material devices

    If you have heard of Luther Burbank’s spineless cactus, it can be seen that epigenetic influences could be done WITHOUT devices in the conventional advanced? research field.

    Luther Burbank’s Spineless Cacti: Varieties and Culture

    If a person is open to the concept of multiple sheaths, the multiple energetic bodies of human beings, the intentions from the upper bodies have primary directive than the lower bodies. Some illness may be seen as epigenetic manipulation from the upper consciousness, such as karmic illness done to the person from their soul group’s intention to direct the person’s life path in this realm.

    DNA is DeoxyriboNucleicAcid, a name of the chemical structure, manifestation in the material realm, the “sound” expression in the electromagnetic spectrum of reality, in that “octave” of reality. There are “genetics” in the so-called soul level(s) as well. Some persons aware in the esoteric knowledge consciously differentiate the word “DNA” from “genes” which point out to the different octaves of the energetic bodies/realities.

    For example, it is interesting such as Rudolf Steiner, at his time, DNA was not discovered as overt academic knowledge. He sometimes symbolized the genetic traits as “blood”.

    If one can accept that there are still “genes” even at the soul level of existence, then, it isn’t unnatural to accept there need to be some congruency between the multiple energetic bodies to exist with integrity.

    The “sounds” in each “octaves” have to be consistent to be integral with the multiple energetic layers of the bodies. The souls with specific “sounds” can only incarnate into the lower bodies which have the similar composition of the sounds in the vibrational octaves.

    Hence, we see why some groups persist with the genuineness of bloodlines from ancient times. Also in recent times, about abductions and hybridization agendas. In some of the New cAge communities, the touts about DNA activation, is operating effectively to some persons which are under the congruent soul group behind the teaching system. Most could be seen as “shortcuts” and/or “cheating” against the legitimate way of the incarnation process with the planetary consciousness of earth.

    From my current understanding, those “shortcuts”, “cheatings” are allowed by the planet to certain time limits. Those cheater soul groups are desperate to fulfill their agendas before the deadline. So in the geoengineering perspective, unfortunately, they would continue for a while (allowed for certain timeframe).

    For the persons outside those agendas, there are wisdom and prescriptions provided, to cope with the inconveniences from those agendas. But the persons have to do some work personally by themselves, climbing up certain steps, to embody the wisdom. From the researches out there, we could see that most inflictions are focused to the electromagnetic spectrum of reality. So the crucial barrier is the awareness to go above that spectrum, while in the spectrum. In the world, but not of the world.

    We also see that some people are inside the agendas, whether they are conscious or not, which is their path. We would interfere with their path in that situation, if we try to get them out of their following agenda. There are quite many people that are for the agenda, who are not conscious of their consents to the agenda.

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  7. Thank you kensho!
    This comment was the primary important one, from my perspective, and probably the most beneficial for other persons. Other comments, as the other comments below, may be fun/interesting info to read, in the perspective of collecting/gathering data, but it doesn’t help much in nurturing inner wisdom. Does it help? Not so much LOL

    So I am happy for your kind reply!

    Because, DO IT YOURSELF is what one person can be confident and is responsible with one’s understanding. The depth of understanding differs by, how carefully and aware one is doing something.

    > something to look forward to this month, thank you!

    Yes, this timing is rare timing to see and feel the difference. Even though the total eclipse may not be seen visually from your residing area, I assume the sensation of the “atmosphere” would be there to feel.

    The chemtrail activities and the trail pattern may be weaved differently that day LOL!
    (I will probably check EOSDIS Worldview satellite image after the eclipse day)

    @ visual seeing
    If you can sun-gaze for some time with your bare eyes, it would be best. You can practice by looking at the sun when it is cloudy, and/or thru the tree leaves.

    At the annular eclipse day, I could burn my eyes out if I looked bare eyes all along, so I rested many times looking thru the tree leaves. I was at a local shrine for a while that day.

    Here are some examples of the pinhole effect. The annular ring are projected to the ground when scattered thru tree leaves. Pretty much holographic.

    google for more images
    > annular eclipse pinhole
    > annular eclipse leaves

    @ listening
    > Sound is clearly so much more than hearing and I’d love to understand it better.
    Yes. I think listening is important in everyday life to “grasp” all the surrounding events at once.

    I assume you are attentive, “listening” to your surroundings when you are working in the fields in your everyday life. I presume there are many times when you notice(hear) something in the back and move your attention, usually the focus of the visual attention, then react to the attention.

    We tend to think there are distances between the sound of origin to the listener when listening, but if a person ponder about no-distance, no in-between-space between the sounds, kind of a holographic perception, it really gets weird!


  8. “As the sunlight dimmed, I could “hear” the reactions change, the reactions of the nearby animals, and some trees and grasses, plants. Also, their reactions when the dimmed light came back as the eclipse ended.
    Also, I could “hear”, or it was kind of “a tactile sensation” of the vibrations throughout the sunlight covering&recovering process.”

    That must have been a beautiful experience, Yamakawa, I so appreciate you relating it here! I understand exactly what you mean with this ‘hearing’. Sound is clearly so much more than hearing and I’d love to understand it better. Everyone is talking ‘resonance’ and ‘frequency’ these days and certainly the HAARP and chemtrails and other tech are being used to experiment with it. I’m not saying I understand anything beyond the feelings/sensations you experienced, but it was apparent when I first saw the ‘radio clouds’ I did think ‘sound’ or ‘pulsing’ — yes I saw magnetics and/or ‘electricity’ too, but it was more than that. Maybe even the ‘ice stalagmites’ have something to do with resonance?!

    “I believe, this “mental scientific observation” would give powerful insights, about what elements of the sun ray, the contrails and chemtrails are blocking. From DIRECT OBSERVATION, not from what other people are saying.”

    Agreed! What a good idea. I hadn’t thought much about it until you mentioned this, so now you give me something to look forward to this month, thank you! I will spend some time thinking and gathering some data/opinions this week and do some serious observations during the eclipse. I hope you will share yours when you have some time.


  9. Yamakawa, thank you for your perspectives and insights. I’ll reply to each post separately.

    “Some facets that seem not congruent for cooling down the global warming, not meaningful for depopulation.” To summarize you mean that some facets of the various climate engineering programs are geared toward making epigenetic changes to DNA? If so, I have heard this and entertained this idea before, after hearing about Morgellans disease.

    It is unfortunately very difficult to sift through the mountains of info and disinfo on chemtrails/geoengineering, which of course I’ve complained about many times before. But it’s getting worse, not better. Now that more are aware and questioning and debating the INFO mountain is growing exponentially!

    Right now the agenda-pushers are making it a simple case of cloud seeding, SRM, SAI, claiming it’s no more harmful than a volcano spreading ash across a continent. All very simple, cheap, safe, blah, blah, blah. They claim there are no harmful chemicals, no heavy metals. Clearly anyone who has done 20 minutes of digging knows this to be false.

    I’ve heard Morgellans is now classified as a “syndrome” because EVERYONE on earth now has it, and there is supposedly this ‘red wine’ test than can prove it. I’m skeptical, but wonder if you heard this also and what you think of it.


  10. Here, I would like to point out some hints for persons to advance forward, more than the average geoengineering researches out there.

    Without going much to “fishy” metaphysical, exopolitical stuffs out there, which are difficult to verify without metaphysical foundation and training.

    There are many many “conventional scientific” research papers out there which are enough to give insights that there are much ongoing, beyond the average consensus restricted understandings.

    “Climate” in English also mean the “air”, the collective mind of the people. Not merely the weather, the “air” of the physical atmosphere.

    Hence, “climate engineering” is beyond geo-engineering.

    google inner-site-search wiley

    > epigenetics nano particle

    also, google
    > gold particle epigenetics

    Note that the DNA traits expressed outward to the physical body of the organism, could be controlled by switching ON-OFF by the epigenetic technologies. The switching can be done without manipulating, rewriting the DNA.

    There are tons of switches, “genetic resources“ unknown in the conventional sense, in the “junk DNAs”. In epigenetic perspectives, the junks are not “junk”, but potential resources of abundant possibilities.

    So epigenetics are focused on where to read and activate/deactivate the specific part of the DNA. Generally, DNA manipulation technologies need to be viewed not only in the writing-deleting methods, but on “reading” epigenetics perspectives.

    If there are no switches in the first place, then, the required switches need to be added to the primary DNA.

    Also, if there are motives for certain switches to never turn ON, wanting never to worry about the dormant state to be activated, then, that “unwanted switch” is aimed to be deleted from the primary DNA. Then, the engineers will be secure never to worry about the switch, because there would be no switch to turn ON in the first place.

    @@ fishy? part
    If a person is familiar with the Zecharia Sitchin’s version of the Anunnaki tales, the story about spreading gold particles to the atmosphere of the planet Nibiru is well known.

    “Fishy” alternate sciences already tell stories about ORMUS and the white gold research, but even the overt conventional sciences are at the level of beginning the epigenetic control of the genetics.

    A person can go on searching aluminum and other metal elements, as the nano particles famous for being the ingredients of the chemtrail cocktails, related to epigenetics.

    The insights would be that would open to other perspectives of the multiple facets of the chemtrail particle spraying agendas. Some facets that seem not congruent for cooling down the global warming, not meaningful for depopulation.

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  11. Hello kensho,
    I recall my personal experience of the Annular Eclipse that occurred in Japan in May 21th, 2012. I listened with my physical ears and also with my “inner silence” as the process of the earth shadow began to cover the parts of sunlight.

    As the sunlight dimmed, I could “hear” the reactions change, the reactions of the nearby animals, and some trees and grasses, plants. Also, their reactions when the dimmed light came back as the eclipse ended.

    Also, I could “hear”, or it was kind of “a tactile sensation” of the vibrations throughout the sunlight covering&recovering process.

    Personally, I could observe more from listening, than from what I could see thru my physical eyes. Yes, I did enjoy seeing the sun also, from direct eye sight without using glasses to filter the rays.

    It was a “mental scientific observation” to recognize, to compare, the differences when some parts&elements of the sunlight emission was present, and when was absent.

    I believe, the similar opportunity of the total Solar eclipse, coming this August 2017 for the US persons, is a great chance to conduct that “mental scientific observation”.

    A person can record images of the eclipse with machines, like cameras and video camcorders, but the machines could only “observe” only the superficial part of the realities and the surrounding environments.

    I believe, this “mental scientific observation” would give powerful insights, about what elements of the sun ray, the contrails and chemtrails are blocking. From DIRECT OBSERVATION, not from what other people are saying.

    A person can prepare for the “mental observation” before the eclipse day, by consciously observing the normal days where there are no eclipses. From the experiences of the “normal days”, then, one could compare that normal experiences with the “special experiences“ that might be observed on the eclipsing day.

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