Weather Warfare

I’ve been surprised lately how few of my friends, family and neighbors know about weather manipulation and its true aims.  A few of them have heard of cloud-seeding, but do not realize that cloud-seeding can create rain and also create drought depending on the amount and type of particulate being used.

What’s further misunderstood is why the military have been developing these technologies heavily since the 50s.  It is not to help agriculture, not to mitigate storms, and not to help people, though they could use the tech that way if they so chose.  The purpose is control.

“It lays the predicate and the foundation for a weather satellite that will permit man to determine the world’s cloud later, and ultimately to control the weather, and he who controls the weather controls the world.” U.S. President Lynden B. Johnson


Controlling the atmosphere also falls into another line of technology called Directed Energy Weapons.  This is not just the stuff of bad fear-porn films!  It is real, it is admitted, and it is happening now.

Notice how excited this lunatic woman is about how much damage can be done!

This information is available in mainstream sources, it’s not fringe and it’s not conspiracy theory.

There are entire organizations and corporations working on these weapons right out in the open and testing them.  Some are even blaming the fires in California and in many places around the world on these weapons.

The Directed Energy Professional Society :

I’ve been following the research of several fantastic men over the years who have dedicated themselves to the anti-geoengineering cause, but unfortunately there’s some contention between some of them. While I find this upsetting, because I don’t want to see the community splinter in this way, after further research I must agree with those who suspect these weapons are being used now, and against our population here in the U.S. and others around the globe.  This is tragic to hear and sorrowful for me to repeat, but repeat it I must.

I ask, no beg, every reader who cares about our environment and our humanity to watch the two videos below, and to spread them around your circles.  We must bring this weaponry into the mass consciousness for the future of us all.




Huge thanks to Jim Lee and for the indefatigable and essential research with credible data in order to help us all get the world out.

Please, do your part, get educated and spread awareness.



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4 thoughts on “Weather Warfare”

  1. I wouldn’t say tough, one gets weathered to the weather, it’s your life. It was a shorter winter, than this, at present, back in the eighties and nineties.

    Being a painter — an artist –I always pay attention to such things.

    It gets very quiet, for long stretches, especially in the new year. I sometimes gaze at the virgin beauty of the wetland in my backyard — there is a large slough, that freezes over, as it is at present. It becomes this white untouched flatness of snow — sculpted on a daily basis by the wind. One can watch nature create naturally. And it uses specific ways to accomplish that..

    I painted on the landscape and so became very familiar with nature and weather, I spent a lot of time looking at it and trying to understand it from a profound love of the land, that I gained very early age, as a young boy. I’ve spent a lot of time alone, and an older man find that is the way of my life now — I am not really a social creature, and so one gains a greater understanding of how nature works, because of that…

    Intellectually, I read, an educated myself on how the process of weather and climate worked/works…I noticed the changes back in the early nineties..,patterns forming, that were not natural. Strange shapes in clouds, the airplanes leaving such and vast and expanding vapor trails. I would point it out, and at that time nothing was known, so people were likely to call me crazy. I have always had a deep insight of what surrounds me, it is a sense of things and of what Jon Rappoport talks a lot about, I have known my whole life that we live inside something manufactured.

    I consider this life to be fake, and an illusion.

    Do others know up here about the weather, I wouldn’t think so…most are navel gazing, or ego driven. There are many Indians, aboriginals here — I am surrounded by about 75 lakes in a fifty mile radius — there are four reserves around this little town I live in. Most people are going on about their lives, in quite indignation of it all. i would suspect, their surely have frowns on the faces lately…

    The native gets money from the government and so the town thrive on that and farming the staples for a world hungry for these GMO’s they grow. Canola, wheat, barley…peas.

    Thanks for the link to Jim, he is knowledgeable…

    …and it seems like an interesting website to explore. I leave you couple of my own. Usually I go to these places amongst many that I source for my education on the atmosphere.

    There are a number great links on the right-of-page panel on WUWT website.

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  2. Wow I don’t want to imagine a winter that long–y’all must be pretty tough up there! So, is it common knowledge there the weather is being manipulated? Down here folks mostly have no idea.


  3. This is a good post, I like your site –very well down.

    This subject has made me crazy, I have been studying it for years. I agree totally. If, because of the solar minimum that we are presently in — they (those people, the ones that want to rule the world) used this technology to help the world. It would understandable, but that is not the case. This cold that is coming, they will use a force multiplier to make it worst. Cold kills more people than warm.
    The polar votex, the equatorial votex, the playing with the El Nina/El Nino along with the increased cosmic rays are all man made weather forces, that are out of site of inquiring minds.
    They make weather here in Saskatchewan were I live. A big province with only, roughly two million people. and most of them live in the major cities close to the border.
    The province is about 1 and half times the state of california. So its a fairly sparsely populated place compared to 85million in California. It is easy for them to make weather here that affects the whole continent. The greatest watershed in North America exists under the prairie provinces, mainly Saskatchewan.
    Regularly I watch as they build a weather system and push it to the eastern seaboard. Drawing down massive cold, and heating up the north.
    The big thing of late is getting a snow cover to raise the albedo. Higher albedo, colder weather and the furnace goes on, and the consumption of natural gas. It snowed a couple days ago, and the first day of more than likely a seven month winter.
    Last year the snow cover remain and was maintained for six month s to the day. I have a friend who recorded it.
    I’m babbling…good site KH

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