Crazy Weather: Natural or Man-made?


Big storms here in East Texas this weekend, so much for our BBQ plans!

Hail!  Mother Nature’s bombs or manufactured weather warfare?

It is mind-boggling to me that ‘climate change’ is such a contentious social/science/news issue keeping individuals polarized with mostly excessively emotional arguments and twisted statistics that further exacerbate the continued black and white thinking.  We are being played!

”You can’t have an honest discussion about the climate without discussing Geoengineering.”  Dane Wigington

Weather modification and weather warfare are facts and there are global industries catering to those in want of these services.  It’s been facts for over 70 years.  Few folks alive today know truly natural weather.



Weather Modification Corporations, Universities, and Derivative Traders

These organizations may not “control” the weather yet, but they sure are trying hard, and experimenting in your skies daily.

Is there a rainbow at the end of this scary story?


I think that’s most likely a ‘number’s game’.  How many will realize modern warfare is not what you were taught by TV?  How many will come to recognize the ‘psychopaths next door’?  What will the masses do to protect themselves, or even, to fight back?


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7 thoughts on “Crazy Weather: Natural or Man-made?”

  1. The weather games advance!
    The Nexxus between weather modification and limited-area geoengineering.
    “International failure in curbing the global greenhouse gas emissions has sparked studies on diverse and largely hypothetical methods, known collectively as geoengineering, to intentionally mitigate climate change. At the same time, operational activities to modify weather, especially in terms of snow and rain enhancement, are taking place in more than 50 countries. Although these two topics are typically discussed separately, they are in many ways interlinked. Importantly, successful long-term weather modification and geoengineering would alter climatic conditions and the water cycle on local to regional scales.
    In this session, the nexus between regional geoengineering and weather modification is discussed and analyzed. The importance of regional-scale modeling and experimental studies is specifically highlighted. All contributions are welcome, which investigate the various geoengineering and weather modification options from the local to the regional scale. Particularly encouraged are studies, which consider potential interlinkages between geoengineering and rain enhancement.”

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    1. They are starting to admit their guilt….can’t hide it anymore. too obvious. now they propagandize people and claim it was ”necessary” when it is actually a war on the planet itself. and its occupants. Science is insane. those people have worm filled brains to believe they have the ”right and duty” to destroy the world! notice how the weather events never hit the rich and their mcmansions? tornadoes are driven into trailer parks and other poor areas. funny how that works!

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      1. “Science is insane.” There’s so much there I could write a dozen posts, thanks for your comment! I totally agree, we can no longer as laymen separate science from scientism, and what a sad state for western culture that is.

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  2. That’s the nature of typing and auto-correct, I think, happens to me all the time! I like that in cyberworld grammar is optional. 🙂
    It’s no wonder we have a population of Stolkholm Syndrome people when we accept experimentation and manipulation of humanity at this level that kids are deemed responsible to clean up the messes of psychotic so-called adults. We are left to wonder where is the higher mind?!

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    1. that is very true! something i didn’t think about. the people who caused it made the victims clean up the mess. my brother was in high school. his crew found a boot with a foot in it. they never found the rest of whoever owned that foot!

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  3. can’t type either…i meant ”flood ” above there. not ”food of the 70’s” flood does destroy food….one day i will learn to type a complete sentence that is spelled right and the world will stop turning!! hahaha.

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  4. wow…well done!! man made….there has not been natural weather in the past 70 years. long before most people were born. most people think it is natural because it was that way when they were born. very few alive today can claim to have seen and experienced ”natural” weather. it has been used for a weapon against all life. not just the human life. ALL LIFE! i was in rapid city south dakota when the food of the 70’s hit. it killed over 300 people. the school of mines took credit for the cloud seeding experiment that amplified and stalled the storm that killed and destroyed so much property. we helped with the clean up. at that time they had a civil defense and it included everyone. so even small children helped with the clean up. i lost friends in that flood. Years later i found out it was actual MURDER. The university caused it! deliberately… they could experiment with something they know nothing about. They did it willingly. In the clean up the older kids helped find bodies. there were a lot people missing that were never found. so yes!! weather is man-made and it is being used as a weapon. to own the weather is the stated goal of the military industrial complex. I am sure you are aware of kensho. your very much up on the technology and the geoengineering. nice to know someone else is aware of it. that is 2 of us!! lol.

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