Stop the Madness!


The geoengineering/weather modification is destroying lives, property and our environment.  This is now clear to millions of folks around the world who are getting educated, standing up, and speaking out.

But millions will not be enough to change this course, we have the biggest multinational corporations, governments and militaries around the globe against us, and against the entire web of life.

Like this landowner, who goes by Swamp Boss, we have also been losing trees at an astonishing rate these last several years.  This is absolutely not normal by any stretch of the imagination and any landowner paying attention knows this.  Our forests are being poisoned.

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I try to talk about this with folks—friends, neighbors, family—I even hand out flyers, and I get blank stares and eye rolls for my efforts, and rarely do I get a single question or look of concern.  It’s baffling and upsetting and I’m really peeved at the lack of care of those around me.  That’s why I spend so much time alone gathering evidence from folks I’ve never met, simply because it’s too painful to not find like-minded individuals, so I seek them out, even if only in cyberspace.


There is plenty of information out there and if more folks don’t take an interest in the actual world around them, the natural world, we don’t stand a chance.

I really wish I knew what the magic formula would be to get folks to look up from their games and fiddlesticks for long enough to realize all our lives and livelihoods are in danger, and we are at war.

Folks need to stop saying, “Calm down!” And start rising up.

What will make folks care?  Who do you think your grandchildren are going to blame when they inherit a dead planet, while you eye-rolled yourself back into a zombified stupor bowed before your handheld radiation fondle slab?


Or said, “No problem, calm down, God will solve it.”
Or said, “Technology landed us on the moon and will solve this too, so stop bothering me with your negativity.”

”But look . . ,” you will try to explain at your grandchildren’s accusations of carelessness and irresponsibility . . . “You don’t have food, but you have Facebook! We did that! You’re welcome!”

What kind of trade off have you made on their behalves, and who gave you such a right?



Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

5 thoughts on “Stop the Madness!”

  1. well done! I can’t get it either. I have a relative that move our direction. Wanted good food and the ability to grow it. ect. paid lip service to the geoengineering information i give them. Claimed to believe it. Claimed to not have a iphone. but does have one. Claimed to want good food and eats genetically modified sugar filled garbage and pops 15 pills a day to ”regulate” their body that is breaking down. it isn’t the food causing it though. no! it is DNA..omg!!

    so many lies and so few people will see the truth. The really sick thing is these people WANT YOU to join them in their delusions. I ask my realitives not to bring their phones around me. They do it anyway. I ask them not to go places with us and bring their phone. they ignore me and do it anyway….”the phone doesn’t cause health problems, see? look! my phone will tell you so! ” while shoving the damn box into my face for me to ”see”! i want to grab the damn thing and smash it on the ground….They are INSISTENT that i look at the box…i refuse to do so! They keep at it!!

    these people are no longer people! They are not human anymore. they are cyborg. they lost their humanity and gave it up willingly to join with the box in their hand. The box tells them all the food in the store if perfectly fine and they can eat ANYTHING…just….don’t forget to run to to your doctor for your pills that make it so you can ingest rat poison filled food and not die immediately. no.the pills counter act SOME of the affects…NOT ALL…just some…

    I have talked until i am blue in the face and they will not listen! not to geoengineering. not the cell phone affects. not to the poison masquerading as food! nothing. won’t believe a word I SAY! DON’T TRUST YOUR RELATIVE…they do blindly trust everything that comes across their ”screen ”…the box says!! they believe it!

    The thing I resent is they insist on poisoning me…invite us to dinner to eat their garbage…i ask to see the ingredients….i read them and refuse to eat any of it. they get OFFENDED!! i am the one offended…they won’t listen! i don’t bother talking anymore. They invite us to a poison filled dinner and I refuse the invitation. They invite us to a gathering. we refuse to go…they won’t stop taking pictures with that radiation box. that thing records every word spoken and every picture it sees. The phone junkies won’t put it down.

    it is quite literally a threat to your life and and health! and your friends and relatives are happy to threaten you! Geoengineering is a death sentence to every living thing….too few know or care. they will go to their deaths clutching that FLIPPING PHONE! never noticing everything around them dying. including themselves.

    thanks for your post and putting up with my rant…always the long winded person i am !! love your posts!

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    1. I love your passion and your rants are welcome here! It’s incredibly frustrating to be routinely dismissed and judged as ‘anti-social’ or ‘crazy’ for not getting with the program designed to kill us. Parents and grandparents used to say, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?” As a means to foster our sense of individuation from the group, now these very same people are preaching, “Get with the program!” WTF?? There’s not enough kool-aid in the world to get me on their dystopian, life-squashing program!! :). On a side note, thought of you when I was watching this fantastic channel I’ve recently found, if you don’t know her yet, I think you’ll like her a lot.

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      1. i will check it out and thank you!! for everything…all you say…all you share…for being a valued fellow blogger who i learn a lot from as well.

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  2. Top-notch post! I too am completely baffled and upset that so, so many, simply will not open their eyes and minds. Thank you for all your posts, this one with crucial information.

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