Weather Modification Matters III

Another miserable weather week in East Texas, minimized, normalized, joked about by the manipulating, gaslighting and flat-out lying mainstream news and weather turds.

The sun is scorching like it’s in a microwaved atmosphere, because it is in a microwaved atmosphere.  The daytime temps are in the 90s endlessly while they still call this ‘fall’.  We’ve had no significant rain for months, even when there was just a tropical storm two hours south of us dumping feet of rain on select areas.  The nighttime temperatures are still over 70, humid and not at all normal, and I wake up smelling disgusting fumes in the overcast and stifling morning air.

Yet we still have nitwit ‘experts’ claiming the weather is fine.  I’d like to find out what they’re smoking, because it’s WAY better than what I’ve got, obviously.

Please excuse my bad attitude, but these days it’s really tough to decide who annoys me more—the fat turds corroding our world in blankets of toxic chemicals, or the lazy turds who say it’s all natural and normal, or the greedy, selfish turds getting rich off all the lies.

In case you are as frustrated as I am and would like to hear a bit of truth each day, here are a few places you can still find it, for a limited time only I’m sure, if the master manipulators continue to have their way.


Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

3 thoughts on “Weather Modification Matters III”

  1. We did…but it failed….not sure why yet. should have started smaller. a 55 gallon fish tank and utilizing the water in a water change is what we should have done. we went too big and it failed. the greenhouse however works great. it is a hoophouse. we built it..even bent the tubing for it. it was destroyed once because we didn’t anchor it right….another lesson learned. rebuilt it and it works perfect! it is the only way i can grow anything. i have my blueberry plants in it as well as strawberries, asparagus, peppers, horseradish, a few other veggies in raised beds. it is 65 foot long by 25 wide. by 10 foot tall. thinking of building a 2nd one. can’t get anything else to grow outside. except trees and they are weak and sickly. the spraying campaign is taking its toll.

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  2. The trees around here look terrible, it’s so sad to see them. I suppose we will go from summer to winter with loads of weather whiplash. Like y’all I guess we will have to do more indoors. Every time I hear someone say “adapt” I want to hurl vicious slurs at them. LOL. Didn’t y’all have some aquaponics going? A new greenhouse is on our list for sure.

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  3. excellent information in all those video’s….thank you for posting…i too get tired of watching the destruction. the trees dying by the tens of thousand and no notices. ”they are weeds” say some of the locals…they don’t notice that those ”weeds”are dropping dead for no good reason except the chemicals raining down from the sky. Toxifying the soil and the water making it poisonous to the trees and plant life. again. no one notices…tomato plants and other garden produce are sickly in an area that should ensure they flourish….”its just a bad year”…they say…what a bunch of bullocks! your one that notices the destruction….so few do..

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