MIND GAMES: Losing Identity To The Hive Mind – By Rosanne Lindsay — RIELPOLITIK

Good read!

Folks don’t see how very aligned to the hive mind our populace has already become.

I was conversing with some older ladies recently, they consider themselves to be Republicans.  One was sharing her experience of living in Singapore—how strict the laws were, how clean and proper and ‘civilized’ it was, how strict the fines were just for littering.  “You certainly can’t criticize the government!”

This was unanimously considered a good thing among them.

Source – naturalblaze.com – “…The hive mind plays out in hive society as groups who petition the State for rights: gay rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, a Parents Bill of Rights. People beg the State for permission without realizing the State can neither grant nor abolish ANY rights. Rights cannot be transferred from one person […]

via MIND GAMES: Losing Identity To The Hive Mind – By Rosanne Lindsay — RIELPOLITIK

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