More Hard Losses

The hardest losses to deal with are those that have no lesson attached.  A lesson helps keep the focus on aspects of a tragic situation that might be overcome in future.  It gives us a sense of control over what seems otherwise out of our control.

We’ve not had such fortune on the homestead this year, and to make matters worse, I know we have a lot of company around the world.

The tornado and hail and drought and continued weather whiplash were/are out of our control.  Now, to pile on more setbacks and losses out of our control our young ram has to be put down just two days after being introduced to his harem, due to a fatal injury we’ve no idea how occurred. 

Not only have we lost this perfectly healthy and handsome fellow, but now we’ll have no spring lambs either.

Bye, bye Blackface, sorry for your not -so-nice short life.

And the hits continue.  We woke to find Mama Chop squashed seven of her just born piglets during the night.  She’s had two previous litters without issue and we’ve no real inkling why this time would be any different.  Could she have been confused by the sharp temperature drop?  Could it be she finds it as irritating and uncomfortable as I do?

We have neighbors whose cows couldn’t get pregnant this year after two tries and then lost a perfectly healthy milking goat in her prime from a sudden tumor.

But, as sad as all this is, there are farmers and families, rural and urban, all over this country, all over this world, losing their livelihoods, their properties, their homes, even their lives to what equates to weather terrorism and mass land and power grabs.  Blizzards, floods, fires and finger pointing in every other direction but where it belongs. 

These are the casualties of the escalating undeclared war that’s being ignored or minimized by the masses hypnotized by the bread and circus and chorus of lies coming from the mainstream media.

Instead of standing up and speaking out against the fascist takeover by this corporatocracy posing as our government and media, folks are lining up to handover all their health records to them! 

I can’t even fathom the level of insanity of the masses of folks who consider this to be a good idea.

Supposedly one of the stages of grief is acceptance.  Apparently in this asylum we must accept what we cannot change.  And what we cannot change is everything.

It’s the crazy ones, like me, who refuse to accept.

Sorry, but I have no good news for y’all this time.  No silver lining, inspirational quote, spoonful of sugar, meaningful song.

No lesson.


Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

6 thoughts on “More Hard Losses”

  1. it is brutal. and not just this year….for many more to come i am sure. worse and worse. insane people rule this once beautiful world

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  2. Thanks for sharing, it’s so important to hear what’s going on for everyone, I appreciate it. I’ve also noticed the struggling wildlife and trees, it’s heart wrenching. Bad year for us yes, worst by far, but we’re keepin’ on! Glad you are too!

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  3. another thought i had was perhaps your mama pig forgot she had piglets…forgot what to do. these chemicals affect memory. it hits us sometimes. i wonder if it hits the animals the same way. they forget what to do or what they need to do.

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  4. i agree with every word you said! our homestead had no calves this year….only 1 and it was still born. our bull is still producing. our cows have no health problems. they just are not taking. my vet said to use artificial insemination…no! I think something in the spray has sterilized or something the cows…our neighbor has 70 cows…only 20% took. and that with AI. they all have a common thing…grass…they all eat grass and that grass lacks what they need or has a chemical on it to sterilize animals. deer, turkeys, birds are not producing. wild birds. their eggs are empty. we usually have lots of swallows in the barn. not this year. nests…no birds…nothing hatching. no baby birds. no chicks. no turkeys…they are thin and few where they used to be hundreds. just fyi from our neck of the woods.

    i grieve for your losses. you have had a lot of loss this year! I am deeply saddened by it.

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