Let us be Ladies again
in order to inspire our men
to be better gentlemen

Men of salt and oil and
so much soul
oh that very soil
Our Loves
of soil and soul

Dark and scary
Light and airy

Let us not wag the finger
nag the ship or
fly false flag
insisting or resisting
instead of covet
the most tender snap or snip

What trap not of
merrymaking illusion
and fairy faking
but of resin and honey
and propolis glue

Weaved in sweet grass
where the I meets, truly meets, the U
what if we had nothing better left to do?

What if, honor met catastrophe and
delusions finally got the best of me,
and thee
Where then would we be?

Let us be Ladies again
Weaving softly in our den
but still conspiring with lies and plies
Yet now with big open and wide eyes

So subtly different yet
still crooning with intent
No longer mesmerized by parliament
Our firm roots detect our firmament

What honor might we seed
Legions might we lead
Rifts might we unite
Sigils might we light

might we someday be Ladies again?
And, if you say yes,
could we please be friends?

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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