Hot, But Not Bothered

It’s dry and scalding hot here and no, it’s not natural or normal, it’s geoengineering.

We got the rainbow, but not the rain. What’s up with that?

We’re trying to stay cool, but the heavy metal nanoparticulates in the air magnify the intensity of the sun’s heat and I’m sure the ionospheric heaters don’t help either.  But apparently a small percentage of mankind will not be happy until they control every aspect of our world and the weather is right up there at the top of their long list of micromanagement agendas.

Like pets, the rest of us are left to accept and adjust to their incessant meddling.


Problems breathing? Chronic allergies?  Memory loss?  Lack of energy?  Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll make a pill for that, if they haven’t already.  Pay no attention to that crazy, hazy sky.

When the apathy and ignorance of the populace weigh too heavily and the sociopathic power brokers have crossed yet another line in my sandbox, I marvel at the strength, determination, ingenuity and resilience of nature and I reignite my High Hopes.

Here’s one such example I wanted to share, with my sincere apologizes that it was not filmed in a cleaner space!

And here’s to those High Hopes!

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

12 thoughts on “Hot, But Not Bothered”

  1. What’s so interesting is, literature prior to 1900 does not mention hail as a regular/cyclical feature of life, but something unusual. Similarly, tornadoes at that time had a much different impact, considered rare, and very confined and short in duration, yet now we experience them regularly, in far greater areas and seasons, as the ‘new normal’. They’ve even started to ‘rate them’ like hurricanes. The ‘new normal’ I guess.


  2. OH, the hail…one thing I do not miss about Central Texas. Had my roof replaced twice in nine years. There’s not much hail in NC and we do get a few tornadoes, here & there. But, hurricanes? I will never stop complaining about those. I lived thru Fran in 1996. God almighty…

    I was in Texas when Rita hit, Katrina (though that was LA), Humberto, Dolly, Gustav, Ike… I kept asking my native Texan co-workers…”Does Austin get hit with hurricanes like Raleigh does?” LOL!

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  3. I’d love to do more tropicals! I thought to put in a special request with the weather makers—give us back our rain, minus the frosts and hail, and I’ll stop complaining about the hurricanes and tornadoes. 😉


  4. Yeah. 90+ degrees is not good for veggies or people (prolonged). Some tropical fruits may like it, tho…

    I thought that might have been a spider judging by the appendages. But, I’ve never seen a blue wasp or a black & white spider like those two. I didn’t know wasps liked spiders. Thanks for posting.

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  5. Exactly! Droughts in this area were a rare thing once upon a time and there were so many waterways you could take a barge (not just a little canoe!) all the way to the Gulf. I can imagine how awesome that would be!


  6. It was a blue wasp dragging a black and white spider. I need to look them up to see if I can figure out their exact species—not ones I see on a regular basis that’s for sure. My heat concern happens when I taste my bitter cucumbers! Nothing likes to grow tasty in 90+ degrees. 😦


  7. Just learned about a derecho. 110 mile winds in Colorado & Wyoming. Sounds natural NOT! I agree Earth weather can be phenomenal but it sure is hard to live through it when man interferes along with it.

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  8. So, what was doing the dragging and what was being dragged?

    TPTB think they are gods and own this planet. If they continue to mess things up and it gets bad enough, there will be intervention.

    Regarding the Earth warming, that part doesn’t concern me. There are ancient written accounts of the North Pole being sub tropical. Ever read any stuff about the frozen Woolly Mammoths? The scientists found that they were flash frozen with food still in their mouths. That was an event that rocked the Earth (not the destruction of the dinosaurs…that was a different event).

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  9. interesting. we live in a world of smoke and mirrors and it more apparent today then ever. yet most are still blind.

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