Obedience: #Iwin

Please sir, show me how I can serve you better
bowing is not enough
taking a knee, no sir, not nearly enough
even the mask, still, it’s just not, at all, enough

I long to serve
I love to grovel
Your hot car, wife, house, boat, plane
just make me marvel
and drool
I so long to be your tool

Might I lie prostrate
gagged and tied
oh my, how I try
to shame all pride

I know you do it, just
to make me better
I take each lesson
adding one more letter

Stars and stripes
accolades, well-crafted shades, fancy shoes
celebrations so to
as avoid any

You won’t ever owe me
I promise
Cross my fingers
Hope to die
Stick that needle
in my eye

I long only to serve

No matter what
Just give me guns, spades and devils
By hook and by crook
We’ll rule this nook

My Lord, false God, thou not in heaven
Just guarantee me
I’ll never have to take
a second look

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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