Fact, Fiction, Fantasy

The only social media I follow are YouTube (which I’m happy to replace with D-Tube or whatever-comes-next-Tube) and this site where I post this blog.  That’s simply because, I’m not forced to spend time on any others. 

I don’t like it enough to spend many hours daily in cyberspace, but I know loads of folks are all over many social sites.  So, I rely on a few trusted channels to inform me on what’s informing our shared reality.

James Corbett is a major one, for a very long time. It’s been so long now that I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve been following his work.  James and I have a lot in common actually.  We both studied literature at university.  We both taught English in countries outside our own.  And where I’m something of a ‘word NAZI’ he’s something of a ‘fact NAZI’—something I adore about him.  (Do I even dare to make NAZI jokes these days?!)

Anyway, it’s clear in these ‘days of our virus’ (aka ‘Best Apocalypse Ever’) that facts have run amok, manufactured chaos has crowned himself king, and discernment is on death’s doorstep.

I can hear poor discernment knocking on this door, pounding actually and yelling at the top of his lungs, “Hey, anybody in there who wants to come out yet?”  He’s just found some extra room in his balloon and he’s rescuing yet-undead prisoners by the dozens.  

I expect that it’s a limited time only offer.

If you’re ready to join him, here’s a great lesson on facts.

James sparked a profound memory for me during this video: The first time I remember Mom saying to me: “Look it up!”

She was talking about the phone book, which from the moment when I pulled one of the enormous yellow volumes from the hall closet, it felt like the most fascinating book I’d ever seen.  I remember trying to figure out the phone book not long before I tried to figure out the dictionary, then the encyclopedia, then the Bible.

I remember my huge frustration at wanting to look up so many things, but I didn’t even know the words for them.  So, ‘look it up’ became my first seemingly insurmountable challenge as a child.  If I wanted to ‘look it up’ I had to first know what it’s called.

Lifetime mission begins.

Here’s going to be a great lesson on fiction.


I’ll admit, I haven’t read it yet.  But, I’m about to start it today.  Since we’re on a James theme I figure, why not advertise it, just because I trust it’s going to be excellent?!

And here’s my life: a great lesson on making your fantasies into actual realities.  We did this, from scratch—raw land at first—mistaking our way to this point like the one-eyed man leading the blind lady.  

I can’t help but wonder sometimes if I would’ve had the courage to do it if Grandpa hadn’t thrown me in lake before I knew how to swim.

While I still mostly suck at it even after a decade, at least I can trust it’s real.

Our newest addition to the wee homestead, next I learn to milk!





Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

5 thoughts on “Fact, Fiction, Fantasy”

  1. Actually by bizarre I mean I think it’s not that carefully planned, I think it’s AI at some level. Yesterday on James True’s podcast he had the most interesting experiment. Type in any 3-digit number into Google and then add “new cases”. Low and behold, you get COVID data as the first result every time. I guess it’s actual people behind the programming, but do they really know what they are doing exactly??


  2. I haven’t tried Minds but have heard it a couple times and I do have Bitchute and started to switch from YT, but it’s not easy.

    The censorship is bizarre to me beyond words. Glad I found your blog, so important to keep trying to spread common sense!

    The chair Is a brand new gift from Hubby, had it all set up, was such a thoughtful surprise and it’s really comfortable. Thanks for the visit!


  3. I blog. I read blogs. I read a lot of sites. I am a researcher. Twitter is a cesspool of people hissing at each other. The only thing YouTube is good for is music and UFO videos. I’m surprised Corbett hasn’t been taken down. I hope he has a backup channel on BitChute. That’s where many former YouTubers had to go to be heard…Icke, Red Ice, Alex Jones… Mike Adams started his own video channel on Banned.video. Aaron & Melissa Dykes had to go to BitChute when their YT channel got demonetized. They still post but, they get support thru BitChute & Patreon. Vimeo is no better. They throw people off, too.

    I don’t do FakeBook, either. I have a place-holder so I can talk using Messenger but, that is it. I do have an account with Minds but, don’t use it. I might if WP loses its mind. WP have shut down some bloggers for saying the wrong things…mostly about $@ndieH00k.

    Love that chair…

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