By Virtue, By Vice

They got you either way
Both sides against the middle
Black or white
Red or blue
Shades of gray

This summer of COVID, they say
Distance, safety, security
locks and lights
Alarms and fast response
Just $1 a day, so they say

Got porn, they got ya
Got religion, they got ya
Got raw milk, guess what
open wide, because you know
You need them

They are so concerned
for your every safety
They tuck you in
Remove your sin with
their love like tin

Wipes, gloves, masks
Their devotion to crisis
Still super-duper
Low gas prices

They got you either way
Predator and prey
Beg them now
Sinners, losers, false claim choosers

Come what may
Do-gooders too, they got your number
No addiction necessary
Mark these days so quite contrary
Devil, angel, wasp and snake

May we all make fiery merry
Hot, wired, wicked
Smooth, sultry, smog
war like fog
Boiling frog and
All ways and always
Come what may
Happy Independence Day

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

13 thoughts on “By Virtue, By Vice”

          1. OH! Heh! No. LOL! Sorry for the confusion. The “Chris” is a Chris Thomas. I have pages and pages of his material. He is an elderly gentleman in Wales that is a scientist and a former psychic healer (30+ year career) & Akashic reader. I belong to a group that researches his stuff (two of our members know him, personally). We are scattered all over the planet but, collaborate. I’m the only one with a website. Chris & his wife Di had a website at one time but, it was trashed by hackers.

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            1. Good to know! I’ll pay more attention now. :). My uncle wrote about a psychic healer he knew in Chicago, Scudder was his name I think. I hadn’t given it much thought when he was alive, now I wish I’d been more curious (and less skeptical) at the time. I have a fear of cults, maybe because I live so close to Waco, hehe! 😉


            2. Yeah…Branch Davidians, Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate, Children of God, House of Yahweh (around Clyde, Eula & Abilene)… My former supervisor (passed in 2012) had a 20 acre ranch in Clyde and his property backed up to the House of Yahweh. He talked about the guard towers and the weird folks.

              I don’t do religion. My maternal grandmother was a Primitive Baptist. OY. She despised Catholics, which, when I got old enough to understand, I found amusing. I’ve visited many churches over the years, due to family or friends but, I never could make heads or tails out of the lot of them. There were too many splits, splinters, arguments over this scripture or that scripture…this interpretation or that interpretation… Sheesh.

              Is the psychic, Scudder, still alive?

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            3. No. He was with the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship in Homewood IL. Here’s a woman who has recently written about him.
              The New Age religions pretend not to be cultish, but I think they are. And it’s not like I don’t believe there’s plenty of mystery out there in the extended consciousness realms and miraculous things can happen like spontaneous healing, out-of-body experiences, and so on—it’s just I find it bizarre and scary when groups organize around gurus—something happens to people, a kind of dynamic that changes the gurus too seems to me. I’m sure there are exceptions, but there’s a reason why fraudsters are so attracted to that role. The power of belief itself is something I find fascinating!


            4. Interesting. Is that group in IL affiliated with the one here in NC?

              I’ve been digging around and there seems to be a connection. Found Arthur Ford.

              These are interesting:

              Are there branches in Evanston, Independance, MO, Maryland and Pennsylvania?

              YouTube channel:

              I couldn’t find Scudder.

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            5. Thanks for that, will inquire further for sure. I tried to contact his co-author, still alive and publishing as far as I could tell, she did not reply. You know them by their fruits, is the best I can live by. My uncle, as so many other followers, did not lead any sort of life I’d call exemplary, or breed that to their offspring. Their fruits continue to demonstrate to me they are cowards at best, addicts to consumerism at worst, and in any case, not at all worthy of spiritual leadership.


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