Wicked Eugene

I winked and smirked
he was a jerk
I crafted that perfect smile
and nodded
cocked my head
ever so slightly
to the left

He’s so damn deft yet
Eugene and me
we have such long history
Where I plant, he plots
Where he resurrects, I bury

We battle for the
Grace of Mary
in Eden’s land we first met Larry
Scary fellow, screamed like
too sweet, too tart, far too alert

Still, they annoy me
their very beck and call
remind me how deep
my stall
where resentment reigns
and putrid mushrooms grow
but in God’s language show

Poison every next
Hemlock, Datura, Henbane call
Crazy Frogs gather all
invite the masks into our den
and pretend, oh no,
Never, no, not ever

And chant gracefully or
again and again
with them

No, no, please no, never,
Don’t ever forget your vaccine!
As to mine enemies
I sing as
says our
and ever so


Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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