Firm of Mind

Death in slow motion
in tandem with a
quick step in double-time
one stomp in nine
Steals, no
steels the rhyme

The ferment tears up, salt
No, that is tears down, carbon
just like me
just like there’s
No such thing as gravity

The firmament is breathing
just like me
Hales exodus then in sense brings
Truth like the
most tart wine

The right thing is always the hardest as
love and grape are worthless
withering on the vine and
tainted with slogans and politics and
Such cringe-worthy placating acts of
complete cowardship like
Claimed false priestesses of peace-like
branding thanks to the
Club of Rome crafting
incessantly flimsy chains of
velvets smacking

So I beg you
Gag making, BLM faking
Marianne Williamson, as others
on your progressive
left based elevating
Wormwood eaten platform of
false love of
Moves only suffocating

This one is just for y’all
Because I so long to see
a mask of shame, that is
a sort of love-spouting muzzle
so that the smoke is coming from right
where it should at last
And by that I mean to be
most crass

Because that means
No longer from your mouth but
Right out of your
skinny paper white
agenda-driven ass

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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