Election Season, Seriously?

That’s a season now. Like screaming garage bands are a season.  Like miserable Alice In Chains songs are a season.  Like I can’t grow up is a season.

Like let me drive my boyfriend’s posse to the clubs is a season.  Like let me marry the completely wrong guy is a season.  Like the Grateful Dead always sucked live if you weren’t on drugs is a season.

Like wearing masks is a season.
Like peaches in season used to taste good.
But still I can’t wait for the vaccine is a season.

Like did life always suck so bad is a season.
Like, did I always require perpetual entertainment.
But still I do wonder did I ever really like you ever?

How much lesser is the lesser of two evils
Is the season of love any different than the season of hate

I can’t seem to notice it much, but I figure it must
Or, no, that’s a disease, rather to more medicate

No yet still, tis the season of our virus
it’s the big one, oh yes, this time
say the high on the hog to
the lessers less fine
trained to adapt
to follow but not set
such rhymes
get in line
you sorry wastes of GOD’s
precious time

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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