Scent of Harvest Moon

If Daffodil had smell
He’d tell Narcissus
Go to hell

If Rose had forgone thorns
She’d have lost long ago
to those with horns

If Datura did not ignite
Swirl of day within each night
Scent so luxuriant
Rose Daffodil Narcissus
Might come close to claim
Fiery Fairy trips
Come close to define
Yet alone master refine
Sheerest delight
Such exquisite illicit
ephemeral beauty that
she exhales each night

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

2 thoughts on “Scent of Harvest Moon”

  1. Yes that’s right. It’s said this is what the witches used as “flying ointment” — it’s very toxic to consume orally, but as a salve seems to have very appealing properties. :). The scent fades very quickly after blooming at sunset. On a more practical note, there’s some evidence it can be used as a successful trap crop against tomato and tobacco hornworm.

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  2. Had to look up what Datura was. According to the internet, it is in the same family as Jimson weed, which we have a lot of around here and is supposedly hallucinogenic if you consume it. It has big trumpet like blossoms. Next time I see one I’ll give it a sniff to see it compares to Datura.

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