Barnum Statement

Once upon a time in Agora
Barnum Statement crowned himself King
Free Trade! 

That Kingdom claimed loud
obviously proud

Bring your goods your crops your crafts

Gather round the Sacred Ground

where Business is magically no longer a dirty word

Communists though they cried!

Sacred Ground
where we unite
whether to trade or sing or pray

now make way for our well-crafted nearly blind
Guilded Age

Where to steal or piss

whether grafted gifted or grifted

Where all your  Sacred Cows

Now browse with great Satanic Masters

Insisting every facet bow
How, now?

No evil
here nor there
Blinders on eyes

Masks on mouths

Muffled ears

Shame-filled tears

All hail the Circus crowd!

Who needs crew or crop or tribe

Sign on now, brown cow

Your ass will be assigned

No doubt
Don’t hesitate
Line up now






Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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