Authoritarian Defiance Syndrome

This is really the last straw and it’s clear I must find a way to demonstrate the resolute firmness of my stance. I will not comply, cooperate, collaborate, conform, or negotiate.

To that end, I’m going to coin a new mental disorder for myself and all the other poor dear souls seriously suffering for the idiocy of this current madness sweeping global civilization.

All those with Authoritarian Defiance Syndrome please step forward. Let’s join together in our victimhood, in that, at least, we can feel a part of the in-crowd again.

The scenario that did me in was serious indeed. In hindsight, with my 2020 goggles on, breathing freely without a suffocating face diaper, I’ve rewritten this conversation in a more sincere way, closer to the way I really feel. Authenticity is so important these days, or so they keep saying. How that fits in with covering the most expressive part of the face and the fine nuances of the voice, I’ve not a clue, but that doesn’t really matter now.

I gifted myself a birthday present and I was really excited about it. I’m not a big shopper at all, but I do love learning and adventure. So I invited Hubby and a friend to join me for a plant walk at the Caddo Mounds with a well-known naturalist in our region.

I was very excited, because I already tried to go on this plant walk last year, right before a manufactured tornado in the middle of the day during one of their spiritual ceremonies leveled the place, along with miles of the surrounding forest. Needless to say, the event was canceled.

Having already paid the $50 each for the afternoon walk, I received a courtesy call for the current event: Masks required.

Of course, I cancelled, despite my intense desire to learn from this expert on the flora and fauna in fall in our region and waiting patiently already a year and a half.

Why do I refuse? ADS. That’s right: Authoritarian Defiance Syndrome. I find it absolutely impossible to bow to tyranny. It’s not just that it’s even more ridiculous to walk around the forest in a mask than it is in the city. It’s the principle. Many will have no idea what that word means and even less what it looks like in action.

Another friend suggested I write to this expert and ask for special permission to remain free of required face diaper. I considered this option, and thought, what appeal might I make for such an undeserved privilege? Why should I be able to breath and speak freely while everyone else in the group is muzzled? How selfish. After all, I know folks who’ve got infections and rashes from wearing these awful things, yet still they comply. Is my suffering on par with theirs before making such a bold gesture as expecting special privileges from the expert?

What makes me so special? I haven’t worn one yet and it’s my goal to keep it that way. But, how? My concern is accelerating. It looks like this charade is not going to let up and in fact, the tyrants look to me like they are doubling down, with great pleasure.

ADS. The harder they push, the worse my condition becomes, it’s extraordinary. The more illogical they get, the more stubborn I get. Clearly this is an adverse condition that should make it into the DSM15, or whatever number the expert psychologist collaborators of tyranny are on now.

If my condition were severe claustrophobia (in fact my case is fairly mild, relatively speaking) would I be required by the social rulers to ride in a crowded elevator everyday? Would that not seem to be a cruel punishment of a mentally handicapped individual?

Obviously it’s ridiculous on its face that masks should be required in an outdoor setting. And to pour a little salt on the wound of my ruined birthday plans, my friend is going anyway. Nice.

In the meantime, I’m practicing my routine, for the next time I have to sacrifice to the many tyrants and the hordes of worshippers who love them.

Clerk: Ma’am, you’ll need to wear a mask.
Ma’am (me): You mean a face diaper? I’m so sorry, I can’t wear one of those. I suffer from ADS.
Clerk: It’s required, ma’am.
Me: No, you see, I have an exemption from my therapist, it’s right here, Dr. Freeman, psychological condition, you see it marked right there, ADS.
Clerk: It’s not a face diaper, it’s a mask. Doctors wear them all the time, they never have any problems.
Me: Oh, but you see, that’s exactly why I didn’t become a brain surgeon. The first time I had to wear one in medical school I had an attack, that’s when I was diagnosed with claustrophobia. They didn’t know about ADS back then.
Clerk: What’s ADS? I’ve never heard of it before.
Me: Don’t worry, you will, they are popularizing new syndromes all the time. This one’s going to be really huge, my astrologer told me.
Clerk: Well I find it offensive when you call a surgical mask a face diaper.
Me: That’s because you’re not performing surgery.
Clerk: But diapers are for babies.
Me: Potato-PoTAto. Where you see a mask, I see a diaper. Can’t you see now what a serious mental condition this is?

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

11 thoughts on “Authoritarian Defiance Syndrome”

  1. I think you’re on to something here. The more bossy they get the more mad I get. But you know what they say – don’t get mad get even. I was happy to ignore the elites and their idiocies – but now they have my attention. They are waking a lot of us up. They might wish they hadn’t.

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  2. I have ADS, too. I see the modern day Sneetches and just shake my head. Instead of stars on their bellies to show how special they are, they wear face condoms and virtue signal. What a brilliant way to screw with your immune system while you try to hide from a flu bug that has a lower kill rate than last year’s. Dr. Seuss would be proud.

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  3. me too! I have it and I am proud of it!! ADS! an illness i can agree to! haha…I love it…well written..well done. I too find it hard to function but function i do. I do not give money to tyrants. I do not obey the insane! when asked where my mask is I would say like another writer on another brilliant blog said…”i didn’t join!”….the usual response from the tyrant wanna be is ”huh’!?…join what? …”I didn’t join your cult nor will I..”…the covid cult and its millions of sheep in their masks eager to obey.

    love your take on it and ADS!! BRILLIANT!

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    1. #ADSSufferer! Hehe. They want us so desperately aligned we’d follow the blind. There are still loads of Trump apologists out there, who pretend it’s not tyranny just because “He” said it! He loves the masks, come on now folks, eh?! Great to get your visits and comments Highlander, much obliged. 🙂


      1. it matters not which hand holds the whip that flays our backs….left hand or right…trump or biden…the face changes the government does not! it is a selection process not an election. the new ruler will be a carbon copy of the last one….those who are polarized won’t see the scars on their back from their new and improved master. ”see, he holds the whip in his other hand….not like that last master did…”….like it matters! The figurehead changes and nothing else does….it never will…those in power remain. The cia does not disappear, the fbi, homeland, military industrial complex, cdc, fda,,,and a multitude of tyrants stay the same…the selection process might change a face…a figurehead of a ‘department’ but those under that do not change…ever!

        the whip comes down and flays our backs with a cat-o-nine tails. our blood still drips out of us one drop at a time no matter which face holds the whip. the fact people worship the whip that is problem. worship the state and all its many offices. to quote a movie called the ‘patriot’ with mel gibson….”why should I change one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants 1 mile away?” that is exactly what happened…and continues to happen with each selection.

        local districts? same as the federal one. just more tyrants to be subjected to…your neighbors , your whip wielder is closer to your front door. see it for what it is….not what you wish it to be….that is my motto! sadly, people do see reality…look at the covid….something that doesn’t exist outside of the minds of those who worship it as their cult. And they do…much like the emperors new clothing….it is invisible and does not exist outside the minds of the tyrants and fearful serfs. An invention of that state. An invention of bill gates and his henchmen. his allies and paid cronies. very profitable for them.

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