Fun in the Snow!

The last time we had a real snow here in rural East Texas was at Easter over a decade ago. That was fun, we were here camping at the time, so there was as yet no garden to be concerned about, because by Easter we’d have lost all our young crops.

Our light grade row cover is not suitable for snow, but since we have only cold season crops there now, they should be just fine.
Novel snowstorm brings the kid out of even us old gray-hairs here on the wee homestead!

I realize for much of the States right now this is nothing too remarkable. But for us, to celebrate this anomalous occasion we did what we could to make it as memorable as possible.

Running around in the nude seemed an effective way to do that, at least for one of us. Here are some of our shareable efforts. 🙂

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

12 thoughts on “Fun in the Snow!”

  1. How often do you get snow? I saw two ice storms and one light snow in the near decade I lived in Round Rock & worked in Austin. I do remember a freak snow storm in Houston. I forget which year…somewhere between 2002-2011.

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          1. Yeah. I had forgotten it was the same year as Ike. Galveston suffered horribly. I was working for GLO/VLB and we had teams down there, working to clean up the mess. Our Intranet had so many photos of the damage. Boats on I-45, the massive flooding of historic Galveston, the destruction of the museum with the antique military planes in it…

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            1. Yes, awful and so surreal. There was a house on the beach that stood for a long time with the entire road-side wall missing, but the furniture inside still in place, so eerie.


  2. Except that I know the snow will be gone by tomorrow in Texis, looks like early winter in Michigan. Kinda makes me homesick. We got snow here, but only a light dusting. Pretty and cold, but not much to it. Apparently not real cold where you are. Would think you feet would freeze.

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    1. I guess it wasn’t clear from those few photos that my feet were freezing, and then some! But it wasn’t for fear of freezing toes that Hubby refused to participate in my wee ritual. 😉 Thanks for popping in, hope it’s pleasant where you’re at!


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