Exiting Stage 9

Clipboard Sexy
Visionboard Worthy
6th sense blocked
4th gear cocked

Flexed rhythm
Stacked schism
Minced rather
Than forgiven

Once upon a savage time
She tried
But lacked the luster
Required then
Lost the line

Ancestors fought
But lied
Now not a fine
Lot cries
Threads ferry
Fears through
The soil of time

Crossed souls
Lament blessed
Tolls toiled
Left marred
Along the
Path Left
Stage Nine

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

16 thoughts on “Exiting Stage 9”

  1. Awesome! I didn’t realize you are so ‘political’ or such a fan of TX. I never expected we would settle here, but I love it and would most certainly stand in support of ‘our values’ which makes perfect sense to me we’d be wanting to bail on the U.S.A., Inc., if that were a peaceful option. Please do keep us posted on what you follow in the process and you’re own personal choices, very interested.


  2. Hey. I’m watching this with great interest. I still have my old TXDL and consider Texas my second home. I still have many friends there. I used to work in the very building that houses all of Texas’ archives…including its Republic currency. IIRC, the TNM (in its present form) started in 2005 when I was living there.

    If things get really bad and they wind up following thru, I will apply for citizenship as a former resident.

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