Germs for Nincompoops

It’s so funny when we get shocked looks for things like making ‘cracklin’ here on the wee homestead. “What’s cracklin’?” That’s pork rinds, chicharron, in Spanish, but they rarely know those either.

Once explained: Well, it’s basically the skin’s connective tissue from the hog after the lard has been boiled off,” then you get the squished nose ‘ew, gross’ face to welcome your educational efforts, like you’ve just invited them to eat dog shit with chocolate syrup.

Invariably these folks are pro-vaccine, amazing leap of logic that this is.  List for them what’s in a vaccine—things like human fetal tissue, animal DNA, formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury and no such ‘gross face’ appears.  Miraculous!  To eat such weird ingredients as animal tissue is apparently disgusting, but to inject it, plus the added toxic chemical soup directly into your body with a needle is legitimate advanced science.

So, what humans have been doing for countless centuries is gross and backwards, but what science has been doing for a few generations is the pinnacle of refined intellect.

Come on!

The Germ Theory Hoax, Alfa Vedic Podcast:

Author: KenshoHomestead

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4 thoughts on “Germs for Nincompoops”

  1. As long as we’re all comfortable in our roles, eh? Interesting is ideal, perfectly worth my while. Thanks for popping in and offering up some of your unique perspecticles!


  2. Love “weird”: cracklins, tongue, brains, natural casing sausage, liver, heart, yadda, yadda. Geeze, (to make a rhyme) cheeze. Also not afraid of needles. Lemme tell ya about the time the corpsman sez to me, “Sarge, you maybe want to sit down for this one…” Most the time you are within the 8 or 9 ring of the bullseye, but sometimes, Imma walk away shaking my head and wondering if you checked those shrooms real close. ‘Course, I could play Democrat and flip the argument over completely ignoring (or if convenient, denying) your points, but not gonna do it. This time. Your reads are interesting, sometimes (uneducated and male, neither of which [apparently] I can do much about) confuse the snot out of me. I like it: Selective Luddism.

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