Artists as Parasites

Life extension more crucial than life intention
The high elevated past the sigh
The spring delegated to the step
Death pretension usurps God’s invention

So fitting the jokers poke the setting
Sucking fun from battlement losts
Spurring laughs from the abject dafts
Sweating magnificent obelisks wetting

Strutting like ambulatory prions or
Windsor peons
Wafting in the surge of basic bitches
Singing perils as joyful witches

Milling about among Egyptian craters
Claiming your space larger than cryptic criers
Grasping at claims by abject liars
Building on fames of moon-swept baiters

Fulfilling the dreams of ancestral vampires
Projecting a screen of mastery
Dancing a dream of bombastery
Exploiting the human joy of desires

Presenting as Lords
Ready and willing to destroy
Over the hoards
Setting yourself as decoy
While still in deep bow to your

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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