Sunday Follies

In honor of ‘white privilege’ I’d like to demonstrate through clips two other mainstream myths: White man can’t dance & White man can’t jump.

Just one white man can jump, like that famed tall man in China?

I don’t think so.

Cypriots culturally appropriating Celts? How dare they!

Even those privileged white kids can do it!

If Diversity means anything at all, it should mean the privilege to be unabashedly the color that you are.

Or, to mix it up, if that’s what you’re feeling.

But that’s not what we’re seeing, is it? “Privilege” according to the myth-makers is meant to make us feel shame, rather than pride, in our cultural achievements. We are meant to burn with the dishonor of the worst traitors of our races, rather than soar with the best examples of our greatness.

Stop buying their bullshit, folks!

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Follies”

  1. All of this garbage has been engineered. As long as the plebs are fighting each other, the “rulers” (tongue in cheek with eyes rolling) can do as they please without pushback. They can all line up and kiss my…

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  2. Are you sure? Have you ‘checked your privilege‘ lately?! Just joshin—hehe—I find this ‘white privilege’ to be near the pinnacle of nonsense. Considering all the talk of eugenics these days, seems pretty relevant that ‘even’ us ‘white’ folk recognize we’re not all that white anymore. ;). My grams used to joke, because I loved the sun so much and got very dark every summer, ‘you’ll be confused with a black child’ she said without the least bit of animosity. Then I got the ‘Savage Tan’ award in junior high, hehe, and I’m not ashamed to say I was a bit proud, LOL!

    Thanks for chiming in, love to exchange!


  3. I’ve never had any “privileges” in my life. Besides, there has been so much migration and mixing of the races, there really isn’t a totally white race, anymore. I’ve got Native American DNA, going back four/five generations.

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