In my defense — Piece of Mindful

In my defense: If you are reading this, I have offered it to you in self-defense. I am unvaccinated and will stay that way for as long as humanly possible. The pressure to vax comes from above, around, and below. I am told that I am harming others, spreading a virus, and that the hospitals […]

In my defense — Piece of Mindful

Well said and I couldn’t agree more! ~KH

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5 thoughts on “In my defense — Piece of Mindful”

  1. I can relate… perhaps we’ll all be tried in our own time, or perhaps there’s more to the story that hasn’t yet been unveiled. In any case, it seems what we do ‘now’ really matters – what a time it is to witness! Are we anti-“something” or are we simply following our intuitive heart’s yearning for the fixed and firm things – the authentic way to “be?” I have to wonder… Maybe it’s not about what we’re pushing against and more about what we’re standing on.

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    1. Thanks for relating and sharing! Perhaps it is both—pushing against the mob while standing firmly on principle. I came across an old quote that seems fitting here:
      “What . . . Can be more shameless than for society to make an example of those who she has goaded to the breach of order, instead of amending her own institutions which, by straining order into tyranny, produced the mischief? (On the penal laws, William Godwin, husband of Mary Wollstonecraft and father of Mary Shelley 1793)

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  2. Agree totally. I’ve read that our gov. is talking about coming to our homes to force vaccinate at gunpoint. If that ever comes to pass I’ve already deceided that a fatal shot to the head would be quicker & more merciful than a long slow debilitating death from the jab at my age of 82 & that would come after some resistance. I also seem to be healthy & have been around many so called dangerous places such as medical centers, hospitals, emergency rooms filled with sick people, Wal Mart, etc. I’m getting so tired of this whole scamdenic.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Granny! It is so peculiar because out here in the sticks and the little we get into town we would never know there’s a scamdemic happening at all. Compared to the big cities, here it seems to be really concentrated now to the media, the healthcare centers and the big box stores. All the more reason to avoid all such places! My sense is they will not resort to forced vaccinations and I really hope I’m right. They are going for coercion and consensus, I think. As in, how far can they push the public without resorting to extreme measures of bodily violence?


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