My Joan of Arc

Everybody needs a hero, Christine Massey is now mine. In a world where criminals and conmen, actors, malingerers, politicians and mindless yes-men are elevated to preposterous heights, it is a blessing to find such a gem of a woman.

A hero reminds you, without a single word to you directly, where there are gaps in your character you might still grow into, or incongruence in your worldview that’s worth exploring, or good people with wisdom to share and courage to inspire, or simply individuals truly worthy of your admiration.

They are a true blessing and often arrive just in time.

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

8 thoughts on “My Joan of Arc”

  1. So glad to hear it! It’s just awesome to see the positive impact one determined individual can have. Surely the awareness will trickle up to the ‘experts’ eventually and we will witness a return to some common sense?!

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  2. I had to play with that one a while! On Bitchute you choose the normal video copy link, not the ‘embed’ link, but then when you go to copy it on WP you choose the ‘embed’ link. I think that’s what it was. 🙂


  3. A few reporters/doctors have been talking about this constantly since the very beginning, but they are being ignored by media and the ‘experts’ as quacks who don’t understand the science of virology. Jon Rappaport is one, along with Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Here’s one interview with her where she talks a bit about the resistance and discrediting of her research she has received as well as the good news that folks all over the world are taking her lead so she now has a huge compilation of official letters admitting there are no isolated samples. Of course, there is always a cover story from the officials for this—they say no virus samples are ever isolated/purified, that’s not how virology works. So, Christine has concluded, and I agree, that means virology is a pseudoscience.

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