5 thoughts on “Courage vs. Conformity”

  1. Courage, heart, inner strength…
    I have to remind myself… It is from the center that we can endure opposition and strife.

    Hmmm… center… heart. Can’t help but think of the torus again.

    “The saddest thing in life is that the best thing in it should be courage.” Robert Frost

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    1. Yes, well said! Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Last night I was pondering if sometimes courage is required in conformity. I think not, because conformity is too comfortable. But I suppose in extreme circumstances, like war or prison, conformity would require much strength that would be required to stay alive. Dismal to think about, but any further thoughts on that?

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      1. Courage is heart, from which conformity diverges. It does seem like conformity is willful subjugation, knowingly or out of ignorance, and necessarily so. What is ironic here is that both “sides” are conforming to the paradigm of their polarization. Both “sides” believe they are the “right” side. By comparison, to be non-conforming is to stand firm, enduring… not as the enemy of one or the other, but as one actualizing ourself in others, leaving the state of oblivion, between fire and water (so to speak)… To see that we are truly one, but are yet only shattered fragments to be pieced back together. We can see the necessity of opposites which ultimately does make a return to unity… center, heart, source, or whatever you wish to call it.

        It might sound fanciful, but the pattern is the teacher.

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