Awe to Exploit

I sat silently on the boat
swaying its magical dance
the foam lifting
the salted splashes soaking
The wind boggling and buoying
shifting and roaring
bounding like a tiger
over a narrow moat

I sat alone in the wood
a witness bowed
sweetened even
like a feral kitten caught
by the scruff

Pitiful me silly pest
where I awe with no goal
they exploit and over-run
where I see whole
they see un-done
the tree of life
under their knife
Only systems to be re-mastered
in their never-ending quest
from sea to sea
and soil to sun

Roots lasting from long since
osage was our only fence
hedging secret gardens
whispering hallowed dreams
weaving lore
to the nature we adore

Where I see only life divine
they see only dollar signs
our trees their treasures
home to a thousand species
an oasis sought
brought to rot
by sorry souls
pulling tyrannical levers

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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