Fair Weather Friends

Fair weather friends
Meet my friends of equal virtue
Unmoved by your trends
They are better than you
You could learn a thing or two

She who pressures me into pyramid schemes
And colludes with murderous cults
Chides me when I share my dreams
Laughs when pain her lash results
The friend in summer a whim that winter quickly halts

She who claims it rude to talk politics
Candy Crushes rather than looks up
Invests in lies to get her fix
Plays along to fill her cup
Righteous Queen of don’t give a fuck

Minimizing, rationalizing, all her lame excuses
Kicking me when I’m down
No concern if I might drown
Festering wounds her barrage of abuses
Ceremoniously masked by pleasantries
Wickedly driven to craft perpetual miseries

You, fair weather friends
Meet my friends of equal virtue
Not martyrs or losers or your means to an end
Servants faithful only to what’s true
Whose every means are spinning gold
Whose every truth will soon be told
And moral courage never sold
Those who truly know . . .

The eternal blade of grass is a righteous pillar
A single touch can be the greatest filler
A look divine is beyond all space and time
A longing for the soul’s art the most sublime
And a friend of equal virtue is the heaven’s greatest sign

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

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