Wanna Play A Game?

This is just for fun! It’s a game I used to play on occasion with advanced students and at small gatherings. (Yes, I’m usually ‘that girl’ at parties!) 😜

I love it because the players were often surprised with the interpretation and I find it meaningful in getting to know someone. If you’d like to play, just write your answers in the comments and if there are a few players here I will then tell you the interpretation. (If you already know this game, please don’t spoil it by sharing the meaning!). It’s not exactly conducive to an online space, but let’s give it a try anyway, whoever would like.

This may take a few days, if anyone even plays along. If so, I’ll share my answers as well, which haven’t changed and applies now more than ever, three decades after first playing!

Here’s the setup:

So, you’ve been in a terrible accident, and are unfortunately dead. It’s all the more unfortunate because it was a big mistake and God feels terrible about it. As you meet him at the pearly gates he shakes his head awkwardly and apologizes profusely.

“Dude, forgive me, you’re here too early!

He wants to send you back to Earth, and you want to go back, but he patiently explains the problem with this. He is all out of human bodies to incarnate back into, so you’ve got to choose an animal.

And because this is going to look really bad on his record, and he needs to save face, he asks if you could also please give at least two reasons why you choose this particular animal. You are of course annoyed by this, but you agree, since it’s God and all, and you have no other choice.

So, you can choose any animal you want, but you must also include at least 2 reasons why. Do that now, and then return with your request.

When you come back with your request, God looks very disappointed. He shakes his head grimly and says, “I was hoping you wouldn’t choose that one! Damn, my bad once again! That’s the only one we don’t have available.”

He seems honestly upset, so you agree to choose another one. Of course, it sucks not to get your first choice, and you put a lot of thought into that, but, what can you do.

Please choose another animal, along with at least 2 reasons why, now.

Here’s an optional song to listen to while you think, if you like. Randomly chosen by me just because I love it.

I have no idea what the lyrics mean! I’m afraid to translate them that I might love the song less.

So, you give it considerable thought and you go back to God with your 2nd choice. And, guess what. He looks grim, again. He says, “I just can’t believe this. This is really not our day. We just ran out of those!”

And you know what he wants. Yup, a 3rd choice. And this is really going to take a minute, because, well, the 2nd one was hard enough, wasn’t it?! After all, you can’t just pick any one off the top of your head, because he insists on knowing why.

So, for the 3rd time you put your mind to it, and think of another animal you’ll go back as, with at least 2 reasons why.

Here’s some music to keep you company, if you like.

Finally, you hand your 3rd request to God, and he smiles. “That’s the one for you alright, excellent choice!”

And so it is . . .

I’d love to hear what your choices are and why, if you care to share them in the comments! Then check back for what this is all supposed to mean. 🤗

Thanks for playin’!

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32 thoughts on “Wanna Play A Game?”

  1. Well, if the third answer “my true self”, I want to change my answer for the purpose of accuracy.
    My new third choice has to be a goat……Stubborn & belligerent with a hint of humor. 😁

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  2. Thanks for playin’ y’all! I think that’s all who’s game this time around, so I’ll offer you the analysis.

    Now, let me start with, if you were crafty like a fox and tried to fool God by putting your last choice first and your first choice last because you read ahead of the exercise and realized you’d only get your 3rd choice, well, good for you and shame on you! You’ll have to do some shuffling now perhaps to get the gist.

    The legend is:
    Your first choice is how you see yourself.
    Your second choice is how you wish others to see you.
    Your third choice is your true nature.

    So, was that true for you?!

    I love this game because while it’s fun, and meant to be fun, it also requires significant thought about what’s really important to you, what you really value. That’s the serious part. It invites a lot of questions about self-image and deeper values and social constructs and personas, if you want, or it’s just a silly way to pass the time if that’s not your thing. 😁. Better than a lot of ways some folks pass their time!

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      1. Well, my wife would say it’s just being irritatingly contrarian, I of course say, its loyalty…truthfully, me being the old man I am, it’s more likely me being stupidly stubborn!

        Hope you and yours are all well. Cheers!

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        1. And come to think of it, I remember hearing about traits/genetics where the breeders are not able to ‘dissociate’ certain characteristics in their breeds—I wonder if there’s something to that? Like loyal and stubborn just go together automatically, same quality, different angle.


  3. Wow. Ok.
    Choice one: Blue Whale. Majestic, amazing, and the biggest SOB on the block
    Choice two: Camel. Isolated, Desert. Few Natural Predators, and freaking so little contact with humans!
    Choice three: Chimp. This way I know I am smarter than 50% of the humans on the planet.

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  4. Personally I’d rather remain as energy and not return to the Simulation, but if I must return as a not-so-human earthling…

    1st choice is a Fox – because they’re cunning AND (uhh) crazy
    2nd option would be a Brown Bear – because of its peaceful and intelligent nature
    3rd idea is to return as a Badger – they are shy/quiet and the personality fits my own persona

    But I must say – God (seriously) needs help if she is running all out of people and animals’ bodies

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  5. 1st choice: timber wolf because they’re powerful and beautiful
    2nd choice: pet dog, not a stray, free food and lots of cuddles
    3rd choice: great horned owl because protected species and I can haunt everyone by flying around and hooting at them at night

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      1. I have a great horned owl that lives behind my house. I love hearing it at night. We also have barred owls nearby and their cry can be unnerving. It sounds so much like a child crying. I love owls.

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        1. Me too! Definitely among my favorite animals. And isn’t it amazing how many critters cries sound like children?! When we first came out here and I was not accustomed to all the animal sounds it was very often I thought I heard a screaming baby only to find out it was a screaming critter.

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  6. Earthworm – they’re hermaphrodites, since they are without gender I would be “culturally acceptable” with an unlimited supply of pronouns.

    Albatross- they can fly great distances, would be able to fly to edge of the earth and prove it’s flat.

    Chimp – highly intelligent, could help god with his obvious supply chain issues.

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