12 thoughts on “Toxic Rain”

  1. nice! we breath that crap. so does all life…birds, animals, plants, bees, bugs of which there are fewer and fewer every year. livestock breath it. we eat it…it is on the plants, inside the plants, inside the animals. guess that is why they are finding meat to be magnetic. they couldn’t have done a better job to wipe out all life on this world if they tried…year after year after year the flying fumigators do their job!! carrying out their orders to poison every bit of air, water, and soil. may there be a SPECIAL hell for those pilots, those chemical makers, and the scientists that dreamed it up. The governments who ordered it done.

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            1. I laugh because they spray magnetic aerosols in the air and then your house electric meter and cell phones put off electromagnetic radiation. It’s all fine, nothing to see here 🤪

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            2. If you mean like “heat” lighting, yes. I noticed it even in February this year and told my husband because usually that’s a summer phenomenon. But we have also gotten several bigger thunderstorms in March/April this year which was early for those as well.

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            3. We have crazy lightening here in the past five years or so. Sometimes so much you’d mistake it for strobe lights at a nightclub! Yes, ‘heat’ lightening in that there is no rain associated with it, and also so much more in storms, sometimes even when it’s just a small rain shower. One time a few years ago I saw lightening hit in the same spot in the distance dozens of times with nothing else happening in the sky—no rain, wind, approaching front.

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