Agorism Texas Style

We take our homesteading adventures to the next level.

I wrote a blog during our beginning years called Homesteading: Starting from Scratch. At the time we had just moved rural, very rural, to raw land in East Texas.  We hauled in water and camped while we built a cabin without the convenience of electricity, intending to get off-the-grid.

Five years later we’re still not off-the-grid!  Not even close really.  But, the next step means, we’ve committed to . . . something.  Something more.  That includes me quitting my job, for real this time.  I’m excited and anxious but especially determined.  We are aligning our life with our values, it’s been a slow but rewarding process.  Thank you to any who are curious about our next steps, for reading and maybe even relating.

We have managed quite a lot these last years even if we are still far from our goals.  We’ve learned much about the unique requirements of gardening year-round in East Texas.  We’ve had chickens, turkeys, ducks, Guineas and decided chickens and ducks are all we need, or really like.  We’ve taken up beekeeping and cheesemaking and are eagerly awaiting pigs.  Sheep will follow, maybe goats, soon maybe even a cow.  Right now to make our cheese I travel to a dairy which is a 4-hour round-trip for Grade A raw milk.  Not sustainable.  Still, despite the clear necessity, I am scared to get a cow!

We don’t barter much, yet.  That’s where we’re heading.  It’s about principles and ethics and holistic health, and the future of man and the planet.

Kensho:  Zen for “the moment of insight”












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Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

4 thoughts on “Agorism Texas Style”

  1. The process is awesome isn’t it. Step, skip, trip get up & sometimes we skip through a step & other times we completely face plant, we always get back up take another wary step & we’re skipping again. Wouldn’t have it any other way, how boring, lol. Thanks for sharing

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