Bleeding $$!!

Apparently the economy is brilliant, according to the Trump-Train.

Well, I believe that, believe it or not.  It’s elementary to me by looking at our own expenditures of the Crazy-Train Spring 2019.

Because health care costs are ridiculous:


$3,700 for emergency room visit, 5 stitches to Handy Hubby’s hand.  His first on-the-homestead accident/injury. Ridiculous health care costs thanks to insane policies of multiple administrations. Thanks, Corporatocracy!  Great job at outrageous cost.

$4,000 new roof, thanks to increased weather modification/manipulation in our area, Geoengineering being ramped up thanks to widespread approval by the Trump-train.


$200 and counting for acupuncture treatments thanks to electricity surge on new electric meter that fried my shoulder something awful over 6 months ago.  The garden is neglected, the household, too, my bad. The Trump-train loves 5G tech, bring it on! Yay!

4 days lost paid work for Handy Hubby, who had to take vacation time to normalize the homestead after manufactured ‘tornado’ dropped at least 2 dozen mature trees on our property, a half-dozen right around our house.  Oh, but we are so blessed, none hit me or the house or the critters.  Silver lining, brilliant!


Two weeks before that was baseball-sized hail, that meant $300 on a new windshield, that had just been replaced.


And all kinds of folks and communities around our area of East Texas are spending loads of $$ on damages of their own.  Markets are thriving!  Thank you, sir, may we have another?!  Houston is promising to be a well-spring of endless catastrophe revenues, brilliant. I bet Trump did that!  Or, fairies?

That’s including exciting and constant weather whiplash all year, like a weather rollercoaster at Disney Land, resulting in no pear crop this year and a complete lost effort with many other crops in the garden that go straight to seed from the constant fluctuating temperatures. Hurray!

Common sense alert: no crops thrive in weather whiplash! (Don’t rain on my parade, bitch!)


We can no longer afford the delusions of this economy.  We are downsizing. Most of our meager holdings will meet freezer camp, unfortunately, as we come to grips with survival mode.

Let’s all enjoy our eternal non-inflation in the fantasmagorical Trump economy!


Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

5 thoughts on “Bleeding $$!!”

  1. I think that’s awesome you both healed so well after such accidents without expensive care! I’d love it if we all had such skills of traditional healing as our ancestors once did. If that were still common there’s no way the hospitals would be able to charge so outrageously as they do. As for pilots being ‘evil incarnate’ b/c of their contribution to geoengineering, weather modification, warfare, etc., well that means all nurses are responsible for vaccine injured children, and all teachers are responsible for poor education, and all farmers for land-poisoning, and all drivers for air pollution, and the finger pointing goes on and on, ad infinitum without ever questioning the real evil incarnate, those driving these sectors and profiting enormously from exploiting them to serve personal interests and agendas of oligarchic control and domination.

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  2. Great post that sums up the “pleasures” of it all, or as you rightly said, the delusions of this economy. I’m sorry for the sufferings experienced as a result of the non-inflation BS they’d like us to believe is real.

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  3. oh wow! you really have been hammered.!!
    my husband cut his thumb in half with his table saw. his old one that is. that one went to the garbage and a new one took its place. he cut through the bone! split in half. all the meat muscle gone. and cracked thumb bone. you will be horrified i am sure. BUT…always a but! he cleaned it himself. used butterfly bandages and wrapped it with horse leg wrap. it healed. soaked in iodine as well every day. it did heal all on its own.
    i split my lip– horse accident. you could see my teeth through my lip. wide open. butterfly bandage and by morning it was closed up. both of us despise doctors and unless it is an artery we don’t go in….okay probably most people would freak at that. but we both HATE doctors…with a passion…don’t trust ’em…don’t believe ’em. would rather die then have their ”treatments”…the body is made to heal and it does! as we learned the hard way…both unemployed at the time…no money…no insurance…not even obama care. the only option was self treatment but it did teach us to take care of our own wounds. and realized we don’t need them and their high dollar medicine that doesn’t heal. my husbands thumb healed completely with very little scar and my lip you can’t tell at all. stitches sometimes delay the healing instead of helping it.
    long winded as always!! sorry. i am sorry though for your losses….that is crushing to the heart , the wallet and destroys the homestead. geoengineering hits everywhere…it hit us last year…not YET THIS YEAR but the year is young….i curse pilots! i curse airplanes as they fly over. wishing they would go on strike and stop flying but they never will.
    i truly believe that they will never stop until every living thing on the planet is dead. including themselves…those pilots….they are evil incarnate.

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