How Do You Know They’re Fake?

I’ve been trying to talk with folks about the fake clouds and the fake weather for so long now that I’ve been able to witness my personal growth on the topic.

At first I was simply appalled. Seriously?! How on earth can you NOT see it? It’s so obvious to me and has been for so long it’s like when I discovered real cheese and real beer for the first time, in Europe. That was over 30 years ago, when I’d only previously tasted individually wrapped Kraft American cheese slices and a few sips of my step-dad’s Bud Light. It was a revelation. I could never again feign a taste for fake cheese. Of course, I went on to uni and drank plenty of fake beer.

(Yesterday (11.30.2021) from morning to dusk. Some of us can not only see it, we can smell it and feel it and have palpable physical reactions to it—like allergies, cough, vertigo, etc. We’re called ‘sensitive’ in the pejorative and told we’re crazy and to take more meds.)

One can argue that the cheese, the beer, the clouds are not ‘fake’ and I understand that position. Just because they are mass produced and have very little in common with the original doesn’t mean they’re fake. I’ve tried to find a more descriptive word—imitation, manufactured, chemically-concocted, disgusting—but the word choice doesn’t seem to matter anyway, folks just don’t want to hear it.

So I took some well-meaning advice in trying on some new tactics in years past. Don’t say ‘chemtrails’, use the science terms—albibo enhancement by stratospheric sulfur injection, solar radiation management, climate remediation, etc—that way when folks look it up online they don’t get lost in ‘conspiracy theory’. If anyone has yet to research anything thanks to my posts, comments, rants, or suggestions, I have yet to hear about it.

Then I tried some advice from the ‘communication-expert’ types: say 5 positive things for every negative one, ask more questions than make statements, don’t get flustered, never let them see you sweat. Problem is, that requires I fake it, which I loathe doing. Not to mention, in my opinion there doesn’t exist 5 positive things about geoengineering and when I’ve tried to fake it, the teeny, weeny, little negative gets lost in all the “positive” and no one hears it anyway.

I’ve come to the conclusion that simply, very few folks care, for the same reasons they don’t care if they’re eating fake cheese, drinking fake beer or touching fake boobs. The simulacra is good enough for them. They prefer it even. Like the time I was giving landscaping advice to an acquaintance. She wanted some ‘curb-appeal’ plants. Her requirements were that they look good all year, never drop any ‘mess’ on the lawn or sidewalk, and require zero maintenance. “Ah, so you want some plastic plants then,” I replied. That’s where we’re at as a culture, and I accept that.

But as long as I live I will NEVER stop complaining about it, ranting about it, or praying it was different, or trying to change it all back to its natural state.

Even if I never reach a single soul or gain an inch against the tide of insanity.

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary » The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary | Geoengineering Watch

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

5 thoughts on “How Do You Know They’re Fake?”

  1. Highlander, great to hear from you again! Thanks for the much appreciated boost of morale! I miss your rants and I’m so sorry to hear you are also bearing witness to these crimes against natural life and feeling the pain of it all. I wish I could say I thought our numbers were increasing, and I certainly am grateful we still have some very vocal leaders on our side giving us the materials to share around, but considering the psychofucks are still ramping up their attacks seems to me the shitshow is far from over. Wishing you continued strength and health and so glad to get your visit!! Would love to hear more of your news or views any time.

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  2. well said Kensho. Couldn’t agree more. It sickens me to watch everything i have worked for wiped out by the ‘chemical campaign ‘ flying fumigators wiping out all life. watching birds dying. trees flashing out dead by the hundreds. had a 300 year old oak flash out dead and fall in my field by the creek. its feet are nearly in the creek water. its root taps certainly were. it was blackened and hollow inside like it got set on fire but it didn’t. it looked like acid burned it out from the inside.

    The chemicals they spray we breath. then suddenly they cook up a ‘flu’ that damages the lung. Convenient cover up for the chemical flu is it not? the burning out of our lungs. miner lung sprayed at 40k feet for all life to suck into their air passages. no wonder the birds are dying by the tens of thousands…millions. very few left. i remember as a kid seeing so many birds going to roost at night that the sun was blotted out. all you could see was wave after wave of birds…and hear their noise as they talk to each other on the way to their nightly bed.

    now, we are lucky to see a dozen birds in the sky at one time. hear the noise? the deafening silence?

    i agree with you about trying to wake people up. They won’t be woke up for nothing. unless it is a mainstream media broadcast. They are too well programmed. Brain washed and won’t be swayed by logic or reality. they truly are connected to the mainstream hive mind. look at how easy the COVID mind virus worked? look what they were willing to do for their belief in that man made demon? take an injection? give it to their kids? by the billions! They won’t be swayed from their cult like belief systems. tell them to ‘look up’ and they look at you like you have 2 heads and 4 arms.

    yesterday i watched our flying fumigators spraying perfect hexagon patterns. or perhaps it was a tic tac toe board! X’s and O’s….I have pictures of military stealth bombers spraying us in circles and other patterns. whatever they spray is really harsh. you can feel it burn the lungs. you can smell it.

    in fact, you can’t smell cut grass anymore. can’t smell the honeysuckle or other spring flowers. no smells of rain anymore. the rain is toxic and it smells like it too.

    Thank you for your rant. there may be only a few that read it and listen Kensho but it helps to know we are not alone! we might be out numbered a billion to one but there is still that ONE.! YOU!

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  3. Good to hear, Granny! As for the ‘non killed meat’ perhaps she was foreseeing (wishing for?!) the lab-grown meat we’ve been ‘promised’?! I guess we shouldn’t find any of this terribly surprising, we’ve been separating the people from their food source for a hundred years already, it’s no wonder so many are so clueless about it.

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  4. Came across an interesting observation by someone noticing that the latest bug-a-boo omicron is an anagram for the word moronic. Seems fitting.

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  5. An example of the kind of people you’re trying to get to do some research. Some years back a woman wrote into the opinion section of a California paper chastising people for murdering animals for meat when all they’d have to do is go to the grocery & buy “non killed meat” in the yellow Styrofoam container. Go ahead, try to explain what “non killed meat ” really is. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Yes, you have sent me researching deeper on some of the topics you’ve touched on even when I thought I already knew about the subject matter. It seems there’s always more to learn even when we might not like the info.

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