Climate Change or Weather Warfare?

The remarkably prolific Jim Lee is singing my tune this morning! It’s a terribly complicated issue, no doubt. I agree 100% with his sentiment—I want to see it ALL banned. But I know banning doesn’t work. I know there’s FAR too much money to be made in this industry and all those surrounding it to pretend it’s a fight we could win.

At least, I agree with Jim, an accountability act is a solid footing to start with that would increase public awareness and bring many of the parties involved to the same table. Or, the same ballpark anyway. And, of course, keep it out of the hands of the forever-scheming and criminal U.N.!

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14 thoughts on “Climate Change or Weather Warfare?”

  1. Only 1 neighbor will believe us…1 and her family. They know it is Geoengineering….they call it flying fumigators. they know it isn’t real and it is man made. amazing how they can steer the storms…notice how their tornadoes never seem to touch capital buildings? they never touch mcmansions or the neighborhoods of millionaires? mostly they don’t touch warehouses and buildings. this one was rare in that they steered it right at that candle factory and the amazon warehouse…? usually it is the poor neighborhoods, farms, and trailer parks that they steer them into. who cares about them? clears them off the land for others to take and redevelop for the rich.

    Like you the people who tout the grand solar minimum as cause or climate change are paid liars…deceivers. they can’t avoid seeing what is in the sky above and yet they ignore it as if it doesn’t exist.

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  2. Do your neighbors question at all if this is ‘mother nature’? These ‘tornadoes’ that go on and on for dozens of miles, that is a new thing, along with the extreme temp shifts, and the lightening that looks like strobe lights and has no thunder with it—does anyone have any explanation for that other than geoengineering? How does ‘climate change’ or the supposed ‘grand solar minimum’ try to explain away such things I wonder?


  3. you have that exactly right Kensho…the flashes…the lightning above looked like that….like it was unreal…something mechanical…i wasn’t afraid of it. i wasn’t afraid of the wind…not a drop of rain with it…not for use…wind….pressure…tingling…you have that right….the electromagnetic alteration that causes ringing in the head….all man made…all destructive…all fake! except the damage was real.

    the trees…huge balls of root. trees on their sides. twisted out of shape. exploded hundreds of them…broke off the tops…in the front yard of a house the trees snapped off….behind the house the corrals destroyed…the barn blown apart….to the south of the house busted trees…tops…hundreds of pieces everywhere like a lumber yard except they were once living trees….the house itself….completely untouched! hundreds of huge oaks wiped out.

    my neighbor followed the aftermath path and it went for about 15 or 20 miles before it broke up from the debris trail that is. that night the wind was warm…like tropical….the next day…freezing and everything frosted….water froze in my chicken coop. man made ice nucleation. today…warm again…up and down…the roller coaster ride to hell!

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  4. Thank you for the news Highlander, glad your place was spared, but sorry about all that destruction elsewhere. I know how hard that is to see! And experience! That is how I felt during our ‘tornado’ and other storms of late, they just don’t ‘feel’ right and it’s hard to put in words—there is a pressure, and a tingling, and I hear sudden odd frequencies at random and sometimes even flashes of light, not lightening, there’s certainly loads of that, sometimes flashing in the exact same place dozens of times. I used to love storms, never was scared of them, used to run around outside during lightening storms totally fearless of them, but not now. Same with one of our dogs, now suddenly scared of storms, anxious, can’t calm down, paces the floors. I stay awake trying to analyze in words what I’m feeling and how it’s different. 😦


  5. now we got hit with tornadoes….our place was missed but neighbors wasn’t….took out their barn…their stock panels and working pens. never seen working pens twisted into the shape that we saw….they don’t resemble pens anymore….just so much melted metal. except it wasn’t melted. twisted like rope….into a pile of debris…the barn is scattered over 1/2 mile of fields….cows looking at it like….”huh….would you look at that?”…..

    north and east of us a couple of hundred miles the candle factory got hit and wiped out. have to wonder who bezo pissed off….since one of his warehouses got hit….last word from locals is about 75 tornadoes in december…but of course that is ”normal”…except it isn’t… made geoengineering. it was 75 degrees on friday…friday night the lightning was a wonder to behold! straight over head….crackling and sizzling through the clouds without a sound and without a single bold hitting the ground….then the wind came!

    the wind didn’t sound right….i stood out in my pasture and watched the lightning above and the wind in the trees that sounded not like wind….like a machine or something….some say it sounds like a train….that isn’t what i heard…it was like a large number of growling predators….it was a whisper on the wind that you could almost hear…almost make out sounds of someone or something saying something…..the wind growled….twisted out of shape….and then the tornado hit up the road a mile or so from us. at night you can’t see it…but you can hear it….you can feel it…it has a strange pressure to it….like ears popping on an airplane….your instincts say…..this isn’t right….this is wrong….it isn’t natural!

    man made weather! the best of the diseased minds of scientists!

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  6. Absolutely! It is life itself they do not value, only their precious money and power. The gaslighting and direct lies when it comes to geoengineering ‘proposals’ drive me insane! Of course this is all already going on, what are folks thinking that keep believing these mass murderers? A perfect case in point—went to bed last night and it was chilly, in the 50s. Wake up this morning with a dense fog and it’s warm, 65. Now where to folks think warm temps are coming from in the middle of the night?! Is it some kind of new magic?! Yet if you point out the obvious they look at you like you’re crazy. Now it will stay near 80 for 2 days with high gusty winds before dropping right back down to the 30s. Come on now people!! This is scheduled weather!! How can anyone call this natural?!


  7. insanity knows no bounds….
    they act as if this is something just now being proposed when they have been terraforming the planet for 70 years or more. they are the reason the oceans are dying. them and their corporate handlers pumping poison into the water using as their personal septic system. dumping trash in it. now they dump iron filings in it by the hundreds of millions of tons. Fish do breath! So does all the life in the ocean. What makes people think it is acceptable to poison the oceans and call it ‘carbon capture’.

    insane people with power is the problem. remove the power and remove the problem. it isn’t the vote., the office, it is the fact the office exists for some crazy lunatic to come and sit in it and grab power and do horrible things with it. remove the office. remove the chair. quit begging for them to ”fix” things….their fix is annihilation of all life!! ALL OF IT!

    they are not just after human life. they are after all trees, plants, insects,fish, whales, birds, corals, earth itself is the target that they seek to destroy! They will not stop until nothing is left alive!! NOTHING!! a complete lifeless planet that looks just like all the rest! makes me wonder if they didn’t live on those worlds once and did the exact same thing. these people and their mad scientists are nothing more then empty shells. They have no soul. no mercy that does with having a soul. no conscience no compassion. nothing inside them but dust! That is what they are doing to the planet. Turning it to dust!

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  8. Ah yes, good point. A ‘Build Back Better’ fund where they confiscate our money and call it collectivism, for the greater good, like the Soviets did. Then if we ever manage to boot them our of our country again, as happened there, they will demand to be compensated for all the infrastructure they build on our behalf.

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  9. Had not thought of that, but I am guessing before that happens they will figure out a way of taking huge chunks of 401k/403b accounts, maybe as a “maintenance fee” for the Federal Government.

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