TECHNOCRACY: Globalists Release Timeline For Health Tyranny

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  • “…Luckily for us, we do not need to be mind readers or fortune-tellers to know what the globalists are preparing for our dystopian future. We simply have to read their documents. And boy, have they released some real doozies in the past month: three documents that lay out a precise timeline and an overview of what they’re hoping to achieve and how they’re hoping to achieve it”

Globalists Release Timeline for Health Tyranny

Posted By: James Corbett via The Corbett Report March 23, 2022

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This editor has demonstrated for 45 years that the global elite are uniformly boastful in laying out their timeline for the future of their strategies to conquer the world. They are not hard to find but not if you are not looking for them in the first place. James Corbett understands Technocracy and every word of this…

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