Homestead Happenings

Huge days on the wee homestead! The pigs and sheep have all had successful births without a single hitch. Mama Chop did lose a couple, but she has such large litters that’s not such a bad thing. We were very concerned about her as she crushed her last two litters, literally, not in the new way of the term—She crushed it! Nope, in the old way, as in she smooshed them all.

Hubby was able to prevent that sad ending this time by clearing out her corral space of every last twig. She was in the habit of building huge nests, full of branches and twigs and so steep the piglets would roll right off it, falling between branches and getting pinned whenever she moved around. We were worried with another total loss we’d have to get rid of her because we like her so much, she’s so gentle and good-natured. She loves company and will even go on walks with us. It is truly amazing how graceful these huge creatures are around those tiny, squirmy little things!

I did not mean to hit ’slo-mo’ during this video, oops! Need to work on my skills.

Virginia had a similar setup to Momma Chop, but she wanted nothing of it. She went off into the woods to build her own nest, her way. Luckily she doesn’t have such a penchant for branches and twigs. She’s got more of the wild side in her attitude as well as her nesting preferences. And she certainly does not appreciate prying eyes and will come after anyone who gets too close to her brood!

Peek-a-boo! Yes that is Hubby running away from one irritated mama!

Watching the little lambs play, and sleep, is so cute. But I expect when the kids come next month we’ll really be in for a comic treat! It will be our first experience with goat births and I hope it goes as smoothly as the sheep did this time.

Getting friskier by the day!

We have a new visitor to the garden which surprised us.

It’s been there every day now for about a week and I’ve never seen one like it around here before. It flies just like a hummingbird and had us quite confused. It was darting all around so fast and so far that it took me about 10 minutes and 30 attempts to get one decent shot of it. After some searching we learned it is some kind of hawk moth. Fastest moth in the west? Sometimes I undervalue the usefulness of the Internet, I might’ve been left baffled on that simple identification for a lifetime!

Not to mention the joy of sharing these simple pleasures with y’all!

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8 thoughts on “Homestead Happenings”

  1. true to form the flying fumigators hit our fruit trees again….7th year running. they never miss it….all the flowers are frozen with ice nucleating chemicals. no fruit this year…no nuts for the wildlife. no flowers for the bees….no food people!! can’t have peasants independent and feeding themselves now can we?

    the great reset is about resetting the world so only the elite are alive. The rest are injected, infected or starved to death including plants and animals. Their utopia is a silent forest. no birds, no bugs, no fruit, no air! These insane monsters think they can recreate the world in their own image….a place of death and destruction to go along with their diseased minds!

    It isn’t a ‘late’ freeze…it is a man made one! deliberate destruction. All weather is man made and has been for 70 years. most of us have never seen ”natural” weather. That is a verifiable fact….a sad and sick one but it is true!! Hard to wrap the mind about that level of evil!

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    1. Oh no, sorry to hear it! We are with bated breathe here now that everything is flowering b/c you never know what the weather terrorists will get away with next. Nothing we can do about it either, not like you can cover up all your fruit trees. It is indeed the perfect weapon. Dane Wigington repeats that all the time—It can bring populations to their knees without them ever knowing they were under attack. And still, many of us DO KNOW! A lot of good that’s doing. 😩


  2. how cool is that..All your new babies….baby goats are a trip. a few half cut log stumps and they leap like frogs off them and fly like a bird feet out sideways. we used to have goats but couldn’t take care of their hoof trimmings anymore. too many goats and too few backs to break! lol. congratulations on a successful birthing year.

    i love your last picture of a hummingbird moth! they are awesome. we have some here but usually later in the year. they come to the flowers like a hummingbird but are a moth instead. beautiful and very rare to see!

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  3. Oh my goodness how cute are those piglets? I can somewhat relate because one of our Muscovy ducks was great at hatching out her babies but then proceeded to step on a few, killing them as if she could care less. She was a terrible mother so we ate her lol.

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