Human Capital Markets

Yes, it’s a thing and it sounds a lot like modern slavery.

Social Impact Investing. Doesn’t that sound super? Now the corporations and governments, through their other super sounding ‘Public-Private Partnerships’ (the latest fancy phrase for fascism) will be openly programming your children, no more beating around the bush about it.

This is about surveillance, its proliferation and its management. It’s also exactly why I quit teaching. It became painfully obvious within the university systems involved with educational technology that this was the direction they were heading years ago.

They tried to sell it to us all wrapped in glowing marketing slogans, appealing to teachers’ better instincts to help their students. Most teachers, like 99% of them, bought it, no questions asked. Surveillance does not help people, it life-squashes them. It is not a long-term motivational strategy either, it does not help with coaching, all it does is invade folks’ minds and lives.

Of course, they are going to say everything you want to hear—they know we need a heavy coating of sugar to take our medicine. It’s all about helping the poor, raising all boats, no child left behind, build back better bullshit.

But “Pay for Success Financing” is not about helping people, it’s about making money off poverty. Like the old saying goes:

“If shit had value, the poor wouldn’t have asses.”

Please folks, stop buying their propaganda! They’ve got our number, because they’ve got our data. They know how to outfox the Left, the Right, the churchies and the anarchists, and everyone in between. And they want the children. They want to own the next generations forevermore and from cradle to grave.

They are expert snake oil salesmen and they would swindle their own grandmothers, so imagine what they’d be willing to do to yours!

Alison McDowell calls it out—the soft global coup—and breaks it down so well in this video, I cannot recommend it enough.

Digital Digestion Denver: Metastatic Zeros and Ones, A Soft Global Coup

Don’t have 40 minutes to spare? Here’s a one minute teaser.

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5 thoughts on “Human Capital Markets”

  1. They also have “human resources”, which pretty much essentially means the same thing: we are, to them, cogs in their socio-economic wheel that’s there to be exploited, moved around, and then discarded when they see fit. They do this all the time; it’s just that now they are revising how they do it and they are no longer hiding this reality anymore.

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  2. “If shit had value, the poor wouldn’t have asses.” OMG! LOL! I’ve never heard that, before.

    Universities and primary schools are indoctrination centers. That crap was going on when I was in school. It was just starting. There needs to be a nationwide movement on homeschooling.

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    1. So true! I do think homeschooling is becoming much more prominent, which is so great to see. Except of course now their curriculum is primarily online and filling up with testing and ‘standards’ so it won’t be long until the homeschoolers are seized by Silicon Valley goals. I think to keep kids off the tech completely until age 10 would do the trick, but what parents are going to do that these days?

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