Homestead Happy Snaps

So many babies! It’s not easy getting good shots sometimes, but I’ll admit I don’t have the time or patience to sit around too long. We have our first kid!

Swallows just out of the nest, and on the right, can you spot the Cardinal still sitting on hers?

Hummingbirds are so hard to photograph. They have wars over this coral honeysuckle every sunrise and sunset and throughout the day, but it’s nearly impossible to catch them at it. Wow, are they fast!

These guys aren’t easy to happy snap either, but we do so love when they pay us a visit! And thanks y’all too, cyber visits can be almost as fun (sometimes)! 😁

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5 thoughts on “Homestead Happy Snaps”

  1. The picture of it is next to a stick that looks like a popsicle stick & says purple T—-. It’s on a brown bottom of sticks & has a gray background Never saw the other two.

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  2. What is that lizard looking creature & why are you happy to see it? I thought I’ve seen It all in eastern Texas but I’ve never seen one of those. Haven’t seen a panther yet either but a neighbor has. He said it was like in the ET movie when they both looked at each other & they both took off in different directions. He laughs at it now but wasn’t laughing then.

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    1. I’ve heard that too about the panthers. Hard to imagine though! Seems to me we don’t have enough wildlife. I just think they are cute and harmless and funny to watch race around! Which one did you mean? There are 3 different ones photographed, one in each photo.

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  3. i have to ask…what is up with the little yellow flowers on the right side that have faces in them…they look like people screaming. or perhaps the flowers are screaming saying ”don’t cut me”…first picture behind the black latice work thing in the ground. are they fake ? or real and if real what kind of flowers?

    love your homestead. two of my bee hives absconded. Packed up and left leaving nothing but comb behind. they cleaned out ever drop of honey before they departed! found that something on the paint we used for the outside was powdering and leaving powder to seep inside somehow. like when old paint fades only this stuff left a residue. changed the hives and am working to catch another swarm. just my bad luck this year i guess.

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    1. Thanks Highlander! Bees are so hard!! I wonder what’s up with that paint. We just bought some pretty expensive exterior paint that is all streaky and seems of really poor quality.

      That swarm I was bragging about a couple of weeks ago left after one day. I was so disappointed! :(. That’s what I get for bragging, eh?! 😆.

      I’ve heard those flowers called Jumping Jacks and Johnny Jump-ups. They are a perennial viola I got at Lowe’s many years ago and show up in different places every year now. So I bought more to spread around even more. I think they are so cute! They don’t last too long in the heat unfortunately.

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