Steering Hurricanes

Yes, they can!

Here’s a brief explanation on how it’s done using the recent Hurricane Nicole as an example.

In it Dane explains how the atmospheric spraying through several states, including Texas, in the days leading up to landfall help to direct it. As chance would have it, I photographed the proof in our own skies on Friday, though you can see it plainly on radar as well.

As you can see from the progression of photos, it started off as a lovely blue sky which was fully “cloud” covered within a few hours. In the top row right you can also see where a visible plane is crossing the manufactured trails with no lingering trail behind it.

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8 thoughts on “Steering Hurricanes”

  1. Interesting. And scary. One of the things Dane is regularly talking about is how the chemicals being used along with the increased frequency and intensity of the lightening is contributing to the wildfires. I photographed a bizarre incident here where lightening struck in the same place dozens of times. Also, the ‘tornado’ that destroyed so many trees on our property and went right over our house a few years ago had unbelievable lightening. It was like intense strobe lights in a small theatre or something. Hard to describe, but really terrifying.

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  2. There’s something I didn’t mention. The power of the storm was alarming, but what concerned me was the location of the lightening strikes. I live on the very southwest tip of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN about a mile away from St. Louis Bay. There are two dangerous facilities located on the opposite shore in Superior, WI, about where the lightning was striking, are the Husky Refinery ( and the Enbridge Pipeline Transfer Station ( A strike on either would be an unimaginable disaster…

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  3. I just watched the beginning of the video and plan to finish it when I have time. It appears to be well-documented and alarming. The research in me is motivated to pay more attention to the trails in the sky, make sure to photograph anomalies, and keep notes on links to weather.

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  4. we get the daily spraying as well. I doubt there is a spot on the planet these creatures miss. In our area we get snow now at 40 degrees and above. snow! ice nucleating chemical they call snow. It used to be it snowed at 32 degrees. not anymore. just another side effect of chemical engineering of the environment.

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  5. The lightening is definitely a hallmark of these manufactured weather events. In our area more folks are starting to take notice, of that especially. Have you watched the documentary The Dimming, from The talk there about testing the trails at altitude, so it’s very clear some air traffic is not related to this issue at all.

    It’s also clear this has been going on for a very long time now. Aluminum is one of the elements that is used very heavily and with the rise of Alzheimer’s being so dramatic, I certainly think it is related.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story about it and making observations, I think that is so crucial that we all start comparing notes!

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  6. Interesting photos and video, KH. I did notice something strange here just before a predicted storm. There was a very visible X jet trail in the sky in the afternoon just above my house a few weeks ago. I was tempted to take a photo, but didn’t. The afternoon sun was in my eyes and I had too many other things to do before the predicted storm arrived. Just after sundown, a storm the likes of which I have never witnessed before, arrived. The cloud to ground lightning just to the east of my house hit with a ferocity more intense than anything I have seen here or elsewhere, and the thunder that followed shook my house. I wondered it there was a connection at the time, but jets from the airport and air force base in my city are a frequent sight.

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