Funny Friday

I’m happy to say we’ve got some real knee-slappers in here today! If nothing here tickles your funny bone, well, I don’t know what to say.

Except, I hope they come up with a vaccine for that for ya! 😏

Am I alone in thinking that looks delish? Homemade ingredients though, of course.
My personal favorite! 🤣

Wishing y’all a lovely, labor-free weekend!

Funny Friday

It’s that time again!
Hope there’s something in here to tickle your fancy.

KH: Actually, definite YUM potential, that stoner should be commended and we want to try it! Preferably all homemade with natural ingredients. 🙂
KH: Now the more sad than funny.

KH: This artist forgot the heart tattoo and a quote that says ‘All you need is love!”
KH: And that’s all folks! 😁

Wishing y’all a lovely weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Funny Friday

Oh my, how the weeks fly by! We are in particularly high spirits here on the wee homestead as the scheduled weather is finally in our favor. We’ve had a whopping 1/4 inch of rain, for which we paid in a loss of electricity for half the night. It was well worth it! Now looking at the forecast and we are positively beaming . . . Lots of rain chances and cooler temps coming up, yippie!

KH: Oops, that one is not a joke! But we’re still laughing!

If that wasn’t enough for y’all to tickle the funny bone, we have been enjoying a new funny series. Learning some crafty British slang with it, too!

Hey I’m watching The Outlaws – Season 2. Check it out now on Prime Video!

‘The Outlaws’ on Amazon Prime
The short fat ‘patrol’ woman is positively hilarious!

Wishing y’all a lovely weekend!
And, thanks to those sharing and sending funny memes, we appreciate y’all!!

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