Celebrating Labor Day Poem

It’s Not Worth It

That job you do, all day, all week, all year

To pay a tax, buy a thing,

maybe a new car, or another diamond ring

It’s not worth it

But in this world we must pay to be alive

I know

To pay the rent, the food, the gas

But did you ever stop

And step off

And wonder . . . when did that start?

And why?

Have we always paid to be alive?

Who do the forest-dwelling natives of New Guinea pay?

What is their currency?

Our current sea

floating $$$ drowning debt

awash in toys and trucks

Hobby Lobby Walmart Disney

amusing ourselves . . .

. . . the Chinese love us . . .

to death

Hit the bottle, the pill, the porn

Retail therapy

Stress sells!

Hot off the presses new drug, new game, old tricks

Step right up

Shrink your head

Obamacare will pay

Promise you’ll be having fun again in no time

Circus coming to town


Rinse, repeat

Back to school

ring around the rosy

Now sit still, now jump to the bell, now skip to my Lou

Simon says!


flight schedule screen turned on
Photo by Oscar Chan on Pexels.com



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