Celebrating Labor Day Poem

It’s Not Worth It

That job you do, all day, all week, all year

To pay a tax, buy a thing,

maybe a new car, or another diamond ring

It’s not worth it

But in this world we must pay to be alive

I know

To pay the rent, the food, the gas

But did you ever stop

And step off

And wonder . . . when did that start?

And why?

Have we always paid to be alive?

Who do the forest-dwelling natives of New Guinea pay?

What is their currency?

Our current sea

floating $$$ drowning debt

awash in toys and trucks

Hobby Lobby Walmart Disney

amusing ourselves . . .

. . . the Chinese love us . . .

to death

Hit the bottle, the pill, the porn

Retail therapy

Stress sells!

Hot off the presses new drug, new game, old tricks

Step right up

Shrink your head

Obamacare will pay

Promise you’ll be having fun again in no time

Circus coming to town


Rinse, repeat

Back to school

ring around the rosy

Now sit still, now jump to the bell, now skip to my Lou

Simon says!


flight schedule screen turned on
Photo by Oscar Chan on Pexels.com



Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

7 thoughts on “Celebrating Labor Day Poem”

  1. I remember the first time in life I realized I didn’t really own my property that I paid thousands of dollars for & neither do you. Don’t believe me? Try not paying your property taxes (tribute to the government) & they’ll take it out of your poor starving hands & then sell it ( to make more ill gotten gains to misuse). I guess I could go on like the government charging taxes on a used car sale every time it’s sold. Over & Over & Over. Guess we could all give examples but then this would just turn into a big pity party.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Granny. They will find ever new ways to pry our $$ our of our hands. Now that they’ve got us used to paying property tax and income tax and a dozen other kinds of tax, they’ll have no problem taxing us for the rain that falls on our roof and the air we breathe, yay carbon credits! Bring some streamers and cupcakes to the pity party please!

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      1. ownership fees….they have claimed ownership over each and every one of us.

        we don’t own property. they own it. we lease it year to year. little more then serf paying fealty to the lord of the manor who owns our piece of property. they claim ownership over our labor, our property, the clothes on our back and the food in our mouths. They claim ownership over us with licensing our births, deaths, marriage and ability to own a business. our ability to travel is licensed and restricted.

        licensing is a form of permission slip. people ask their master if they can born, they can die. they can marry. they can drive. their social security number is the number of a slave…branded with that number for life.

        and yet american’s claim to be ”free”….!!

        .what an amazing brain washing campaign that was. from the very beginning. the constitution took our freedom. people had all their rights. then they accepted a ruler and a new master and a limited form of freedom. instead of all freedom they accepted the few they are ”allowed” which in turn are taken so they are not rights are they? traded freedom for a new form of slavery.

        it is worse day by day now they make no claim to ”allowing” the slaves ANY RIGHTS. none! the master giveth and the master take away!

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  2. EXCELLENT POST!! WELL DONE!! exactly what it is all about….the price of money is way too high! It is the price of the hours of our lives used up sold to the highest bidder…the job is but another bit of slave…a trap…a human feed lot.

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