Part 17: Arcane XVII

It’s taken me seventeen cards now to figure out what it is specifically I don’t like about science. Others have said to me I don’t like science before, but I told them they were wrong. I pointed out my sincere appreciation of such great innovations like air conditioning and freeze-dried cheese cultures, PVC pipe and bolt-tolerant hybrid seeds, not to mention the chemical poisons I do actually sometimes use, in dire situations, like for fire ants and poison ivy, my two greatest nature nemeses.

Science is an extremely vast subject area, like religion, where it seems far too simplistic to say you like it, or you don’t like it. More black and white thinking that’s such a mainstay of modern culture.

I said early on in this series I’d go back to the very origins of science, alchemy, or wherever else this ‘Path of the fool’ took me. It’s only now I’ve come across a simple definition of science that shines just the right light on the center of my issue with science. “Science is the study of observable facts.”

I have some observable facts in the sky right now in the form of a cobweb of man-made clouds covering the sky. NASA at once names these “clouds” while still denying the existence of ‘chemtrails,’ which are clearly making said clouds, at least some of them.


Scientists debate about global warming, whether it exists or doesn’t exist, without ever discussing the man-made chemical clouds covering the sky and changing the weather. Some even ignore that weather and climate might be at all related! As an analogy, it would appear that to science the study of a star is so vastly different from the study of a constellation or the galaxy that these distinct and separate fields rarely cross paths. I find this to be jaw-dropping dumb. I must be wrong, please, someone correct me!

The geoengineers themselves say in their global climate manipulation plans, there will be “weather winners and losers.” But they don’t talk about the weather modification that’s been going on for over one hundred years. Totally unrelated apparently. They propose “solar radiation management” SRM, which would require emitting an array of chemicals in the sky to block the sun and reflect radiation back into space. They deny this is a program currently in progress. They give a test date and location in Tucson, Arizona where they will give a shot from a balloon, that’s all.

The dozens of photos I’ve taken of chemical clouds over our property being at least partial emitted by aircraft are impossible, scientifically speaking. The thousands of videos of concerned folks around the globe who are posting all over Youtube and doing all they can to generate awareness and some even remote level of transparency are all just crazy conspiracy theorists, or anti-science wackos, or the most unfortunate combination of the two.

The numbers are staggering, earthly constellations of crazy conspiracy theorists around the globe pointing at the sky, but nothing reaching the airwaves of the mainstream media. How do they manage that? I have some ideas and I’ll be sharing them as the journey moves along.

For now, let me share some of the ones I’ve found impactful just in recent weeks.

Michael Murphy Unconventional Grey documentary interview, Coast to Coast

Chemtrails over France and Corsica, called of course, ‘normal’

JFK clip: weather modification and control

Jim Lee’s fantastic work on all kinds of geoengineering fronts, this one is my favorite but there is much more.

“And by the way, it’s not really a moral hazard, it’s more like free-riding on our grandkids.” David Keith, Geoengineer

I wonder, in the climate manipulation agenda, will we be weather winners or losers?  How about y’all?  How about your grandkids?  Will Monsanto’s aluminum and abiotic-resistant seeds be able to feed the entire globe as the chemicals saturate all land, air and water?  Do you find the experiments of science worth the cost?


Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

10 thoughts on “Part 17: Arcane XVII”

  1. Fascinating materials JK, I appreciate you sharing them and later this week when I have more time I will look through them more closely. I do agree, there is so much damage done already and to completely stop with all the efforts at this point may not be the right solution or the complete solution in order to get the planet back to normal response systems. And yes, California has had it the worst, it seems. Sometimes Dane Wigington is too insistent on the ‘daily global assault of the skies’ quotes because while they see it there everyday, most of us do not see it everyday, which makes us discount the serious issue. I just added photos to that post what it looked like by the end of the day, which looks just like the photos coming endlessly out of California and parts of Europe. Tragic! Interestingly, in my stats of that page it says there has been only 1 view of that post, yet if you’ve looked that means I know 3 people at least who have seen it. 🙂 Thanks and more soon!


  2. Hi kensho!
    Saw your newest chemtrail pictures. From the pictures, your place seems “better” than those in California, since the sky seems rather clear blue. The land may still be vibrant enough to recover and neutralize the effect than dying lands.

    > I’m now advising all I know who own land, work in agriculture or landscaping or are in other ways affected financially or with their health, to start documenting their skies and the weather anomalies that result

    Completely agree. What I respect you & your website, is your homestead way. It would be very difficult for persons living in the cities to adapt to rapid changes in nature.

    Also, all the alternative scientific “theories” could be hypothesized and/or debated. But it would end up just as fantasy stories if they are not concretely applied. Homestead environment is a good place to experiment directly.

    Even if the negative geoengineering were to stop right now, someone has to help and support the recovery and invigoration process of the planet. Persons with open-hearts could prepare and experiment before the apparent changes were to fall upon the mass people.

    I have seen many persons begin to acknowledge negative geoengineering activities such as chemtrails, but goes back to asleep/half-denial after some time, since there are no positive vision but to await for mass awakening to occur, or the doers cease the activity by whatever revolutionary reasons.

    In Japan, the similar reactions are seen in Fukushima pollution situation. The persons and groups who did not return to sleep, that I know, are not going famously popular, but are growing and utilizing alternative methods invigorating the land and environment (hidden in plain sight LOL).

    It would be more fun to have persons show good examples invigorating the land and the skies. Even if there were sprayings fainting away up in the skies LOL

    @ Here is the fishy-views

    Here are some thoughts, that there are many people who are FOR geoengineering. To these people, evidence and proof won’t change their perspectives. Not all persons prefer organic way aligning with the planet’s will.

    There are many persons who want to be very sick. They have to experience sickness into extremes in order to change their unnatural perspectives and inorganic way of living. So many persons need more sicknesses to happen. They want to taste the drama of “extreme recovery” from the sicknesses. Healers cannot heal a person against their “free will” of wanting to experience being sick, because healing would take away the chance of the dramatic recovering process.

    Great transmutations occur from great toxicities LOL

    Also, there are fair amount of people who want to go to the transhumanistic path. Transhumans desire to link to the cyberspace directly with their brains, so chemtrailing/terraforming the planet for wifi-access-everywhere is a must for them. Elon Musk and the likes, their vision think that the path is human evolution. They are saying it out clearly, propagating their visions.

    This interview with Elon Musk is from Y Combinator’s How to Build the Future series

    at 14:05 page 5
    > I think if we can effectively merge with AI by improving the neural link between your cortex and your digital extension of yourself, which already, like I said, already exists, just has a bandwidth issue. And then effectively you become an AI-human symbiote.
    > we are the AI collectively. That seems like the best outcome I can think of.

    By the way, Sitchin’s verion of the Anunnaki story, spraying gold particulates in the atmosphere of their planet Nibiru, to support the planet, is probably half-truth. It is likely that Anunnakis were trying to prevent planet Nibiru from “ascending”, raising the vibrations to the next octave. The planet wanted to go to the next step, but the mean inhabitants were against the planet’s will. This is similar to the spraying situation happening to the planet Earth currently.

    So for those people, geoengineering is a demand-supply. It would not cease any time soon.

    So a person has to be careful not to be “lured into” those timelines, if one does not prefer that kind of vision of life. Multiple engagements, multiple timelines.

    @@ Lucretius
    > I’d go back to the very origins of science,

    The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt

    Lucretius’s manuscript seem to have had big influence to the propagation and rebirth of the atomism concept to the western world, in the Renaissance times. The “atomic particles” concept.

    I haven’t skimmed the book yet, but soon I would. This book might be insightful to delve deep, how the history was shaped and designed thru time, to lead to materialistic views. Split particles, split unconnected individuals.

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  3. Very interesting Yamakawa! I don’t put much stock on the ‘in-fighting’ of the geoengineering “community”. It’s not a community, nor should it be. There is not enough transparency for anyone to claim they have the whole truth, or that so-and-so is completely wrong. Some of this is fueled by shills, as we know. Some of it is fueled by ego, no doubt. I can understand that, some have dedicated serious time to this and have added much to the public understanding. I trust those who fan the flames of the inner-circle drama much less than those who stay focused on the issue. No single man has the answers here and many of them could use a piece of humble pie.

    “So my take is, as long as anti-geoengineering activists are stuck only in the visible part, debating over the contrails, are never going to understand the basic fundamental, crucial part. They are only focusing over the “knots”. But what is crucially more important, is the “string flowing part” that is underlying the shaping of the knots.”

    I appreciate your perspective here, and this is very interesting, but I disagree fundamentally. Anti-geoengineering activists are not scientist and have no hope of fixing this problem with ‘scientific’ solutions. Plenty of room for snake-oil salesmen though to offer us all the magic insta-fix.

    It’s the physical evidence right before our eyes which will give the momentum we need to make changes, hopefully, in our awareness and public policies. Our weather is being manufactured and this directly affects all of us, some of us severely. I’m now advising all I know who own land, work in agriculture or landscaping or are in other ways affected financially or with their health, to start documenting their skies and the weather anomalies that result because I’m certain in a decade or so, when the disastrous results are visible to everyone, the lawsuits will be outrageous (similar to what we see now and in the recent past with asbestos poisoning), and some will be able to claim back the pain and suffering of watching our lands poisoned and our climate altered without our consent and costing our livelihoods and the lives of those dying in the droughts, floods, tornadoes that are being manufactured.


  4. Sorry kensho, that you didn’t like Orgone stuff ;(

    Well, it’s like cooking, each person’s preferences are different. Some persons don’t prefer Austrian(Reich)’s cooking recipe and Austrian food. And even if some prefers it, they may not be good at cooking the food, even if they are supposed to be following the recipe LOL!!! Awful cooking sometimes.

    A cooking recipe is designed rooted in a particular belief system, but any recipe is underlaid by a certain basic law of nature. A recipe itself is not the law, but has to follow the law for it to work.

    @ A “node” in a wave:flow
    As you may have smelled, I have stated in analogy, that substances we perceive by our physical senses are floating points in the sea of etheric flows.

    In the ice stalagmites, the analogy was that water crystallization was formed along the direction of the electromagnetic/plasma flows, or scalar wave polarized flows.

    If you have read Leon Lederman’s books, even the conventional particle physics are following the vague concept, that particles (matter) are like tying knots manifested out from vacuum. A knot tightens and loosens from “space”, or a potential field of vacuum. If a knot tightens: manifests, loosens: vanishes. In mathematical terminology, the knot tightening is called a “spin”. A knot is never separable from the string, the flowing potential field.

    Anyways, the vacuum of potential energy field is similar to the etheric field in the mysticism terminology. This is the implication in the triskelion symbolism, with the trinity meaning embedded. The clockwise, anti-clockwise rotation corresponds to the tightening and loosening of the knots. You can compare the triskelion with the modern model of matter, water molecule: Hydrogen1-Oxygen-Hydrogen2, atom: proton-neutron-electron, quark: up-down-up, masculine-neutralChild-feminine, father-son-holyGhost(mother).

    In the simple mathematical analogy, the nodes in the waves. They are inseparable from the wave, but from the human’s senses, the nodes are perceived dichotomously as separate particles.

    Standing wave and nodes

    So my take is, as long as anti-geoengineering activists are stuck only in the visible part, debating over the contrails, are never going to understand the basic fundamental, crucial part. They are only focusing over the “knots”. But what is crucially more important, is the “string flowing part” that is underlying the shaping of the knots.

    Focusing only onto the chemtrail particulates won’t be enough. What is the crucial part influencing the planetary field and the organism’s bodies are the flowing part.

    This is similar to focusing only to the nuke toxic particulates in Fukushima. Some Japanese group already succeeded in working to the “flowing part”, which loosened the “toxic knots”, then re-tied the knots to “neutral knots”. That is what the “transmutation” technologies are doing.

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  5. Thanks for your reply, I hope it will be useful for those who have not already looked into orgonite or aliens with serious critical thinking. I have, and have not heard the ring of truth in any of it. I am convinced it is complete BS, but it is up to others to come to their own conclusions based on the evidence they have available to them.


  6. Sorry if you already know, but I think it’s pretty good entry point to Orgone understanding and examples of application.

    @@ Wilhelm Reich resources and the basic principles of Orgonites
    I am surprised to know that there are enough English translated resources of Wilhelm Reich. It is important for me to go to direct resources to learn the basic principles.

    The Reich’s books Sharon Daphna recommended in this video were quite great, with insightful figures.

    Chemtrail Busting, Aliens, and the Disruption of Wilhelm Reich with Sharon Daphna

    30:24 book recommendation

    google inside-website-search
    > pdf

    Meeting Michael Murphy

    (It’s waste of time following certain major geoengineering website underlying infights inside the anti-geoengineeering activists)

    There are videos in Chembow youtube channel showing the sky clearing.

    I personally think it is kind of weak to wait for “mass awakening” to occur. And complain about geoengineering, being stuck in victimized mindset. There are positive persons and infos out there to verify oneself directly, apply and utilize!


  7. Hi kensho!
    Yes, the season approaching summer now, is great timing to observe the life energies flowing rapidly, nurturing the plants and animals, and all living things. Busy timing outside!

    @ electromagnetic/plasma warfare and interference to human consciousness

    > kind of like sand on the beach from the waves.

    Visible clouds are floating on the invisible plasma flows. The cloud ripples may be visible, but the underlying ripples are likely to be emerging in the invisible plasma layer.

    Intuitively, I have learned a lot observing water currents in the rivers and ripples, and comparing the underlying natural laws with that up in the air. Thru the natural wisdom and analogy, I intuitively grasp what the plasma ripples are doing thru contrails. It is too tedious to read the scientific papers seriously, which is cloaked with deceitful terminologies LOL!!! (But I do skim thru some academic papers though, because looking to direct documents is better than following superficial fear mongering news sites)

    >Is that Nexrad techonologies, do you think? From what I’m gathering, HAARP is old news, this tech has gone local/global,

    I personally acknowledge “fishy stuffs“ utilizing technologies with black magic. In my understanding on the technological aspect, the conventional technologies and the hidden tech are working in multiple layers with constant updates. Each layer is compartmentalized, so it is confusing to integrate their multiple toxic intents.

    I haven’t delved deeply to Nexrad documents, but from looking at many radar sites in the conventional military bases thru satellite images, I do think they are among the components of the electromagnetic toxic cage.

    I have also seen cell phone antenna network in Jim Lee’s Climateviewer map. It is very intense, so I highly recommend persons to see it directly in his map app, if they haven’t yet.

    >connected through transmitters locally yet around the globe coordinated. Any thoughts?

    I recommend this website. emf warriors.

    It has tons of resources of non-fishy infos. I found the website thru the founder Jason Bawden-Smith. He is a good friend of George Kavassilas, but he himself is a very grounded person and a successful entrepreneur in the conventional business world.

    Australia and New Zealand are extensive “experimental zone” of Electromagnetic/plasma cage, so it would be interesting to compare the situation with the US.

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  8. Yamakawa, how nice to read your comments again! I do apologize I did not see them earlier. I’ve been spending much time outdoors, planting the garden and watching/feeling the manipulated weather. I will have to look up some of what you write here, it’s quite over my head! Like, “easily ionizable elements” . 🙂 I was just taking some photos of the current ” cloud” oddities happening right now, and not from plane contrails expanding, but clearly from another source, creating a magnetic effect that makes the chemical cocktail line up in rows, kind of like sand on the beach from the waves. Is that Nexrad techonologies, do you think? From what I’m gathering, HAARP is old news, this tech has gone local/global, connected through transmitters locally yet around the globe coordinated. Any thoughts?


  9. I will disregard the “breakaway civilization” version of hidden science, but focus on the current conventional public version of science here.

    Their roots are in the Atomism in Greece. This concept would lead to diminished understanding of materialistic views when people lose and forget their awareness/connection to their souls. It is not a “wrong concept”, as long as persons were conscious with their souls, and were aware that it is merely a concept.

    Simply put, soul-degraded people stuck in this type of view don’t feel life, aliveness in everything around them. Although minerals do not have consciousness similar to human consciousness, people cannot feel that minerals are “conscious”, that they are alive. So dissecting the minerals into atoms, atoms are not alive to these people.

    To these people, the atoms, the building blocks, are not alive, so everything composed of those blocks are not alive. Simple deductive conclusion. So humans are just machines composed of those blocks, in another words, the bio-computer system with the central system called the brain.

    The planets and the stars are composed by these blocks. So the planets and the stars are also pile of minerals. So those planetary and star bodies are just piles of dead particulates.

    @ Particle physics
    The outcome of this concept to the extremes, in soul-degraded views, can be clearly seen, for example, from books by experimental physicist, Leon Max Lederman. He is not a theoretical physicist, so his views are not polluted much by “fantasy theories” of extreme ly complicated particle physics theories out there. So his views are based on “experimental facts” based on the concept of the core essence of the current “public” paradigm of science.

    His books explain how the “most smartest scientists” come up of methods to dissect the atoms into quarks. Simply put, breaking down the particles into pieces of quarks, by colliding the super-fast-accelerated particles.

    The acceleration of particles in the colliders are currently only possible by electromagnetic forces. The only controllable force in current public technology, to contactlessly influence the particles. Electromagnetic influences could only be done to charged particles, so the choices would be only protons or electrons. Electrons would be too small/lightweight to break down the target particles by collision. So the only choice is the protons.

    The technologies explained in his books are insightful, considering that those technologies are the most advanced technologies in the conventional sense. I suppose some are applied in geoengineering technologies. Probably, the Secret Space Program and the breakaway civilization groups are not using these “barbaric technologies” though.

    The contactless control of the particles are utilized in electromagnetic engineering. So I suppose that knowledge is appropriated in HAARP related technologies. Plasma currents are controlled by particulates floating in the flow, which could be influenced remotely my electromagnetic forces. The particulates need to be charged to be influenced by electromagnetic forces. Hence, the nanoparticles used in chemtrails to induce plasma currents tend to be easily ionizable elements.

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  10. Hello kensho!
    I am enjoying cherry-blooms in Japan right now. Soon, I will feel some cherry-trees respond to me by scattering their petals in front of me, exclusively for me! 🙂

    About science in a broader sense, I have liked the three-steps description from Ken Wilber.
    1 specifying an experiment,
    2 performing the experiment and observing the results, and
    3 checking the results with others who have competently performed the same experiment.

    3: with others, mean that “others” are within the group accepting and following the co-agreement of the “certain” group.

    It is recognizable that this applies to current conventional paradigm of science, our recent “version” of science. It also applies to metaphysical rituals in magic, which work specifically to persons agreeing on the belief system of the certain sect of the metaphysical system. For example, some domestic ritual magic does not work on other collective groups. Voodoo magic does not work effectively to people outside that collective group.

    This works thru the group co-agreeing, co-creating their belief system in a certain level of existence, in certain depth of reality. This “science” works only thru certain finite range of reality, thru intersubjective groups.

    >“Science is the study of observable facts.”


    What is said “objective”, is really, inter-subjective. Certain group agree on certain laws, which are seen as subjective from other groups which do not agree and/or free from those laws. Within the co-agreement group, the laws are seen as “objective facts”.

    So what we call scientific laws only applies in certain region of the universe in a certain timeframe, certain time cycle. The laws may change when the co-agreement changes.

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