Guillotine Gates

The man who invented the Guillotine—Joseph Guillotine—widely praised for his compassion.



The man who re-invented NOVEL vaccines, to save us all from certain death—Bill Gates—also widely praised for his compassion.

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

5 thoughts on “Guillotine Gates”

  1. Great points, really appreciate your informing the convo, still wonder why though some can look at him and see savior, when we see psycho. Do they cover that in the Mystery Schools?? 😉


  2. You got me. People, in general terms (esp. in herds) are stupid. But, in their defense, they are government-school indoctrinated so, critical thinking & common sense are not supported or encouraged. I know I had to cut my own path out of my school brainwashing. You have to actively seek truth and learn to deal. Most don’t. They take what they are given.

    I was thinking more psychopath. Sociopaths seem to have a little humanity left. Psychos are stone cold & calculating. Difference between the two, to me, is, socio is learned…psycho is genetic…nature/nurture discussion. It takes a stone cold person to be a pedophile and he ran with Epstein.

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