My Rain Man

The Sweltering Season has officially begun, later than usual for these parts, lucky for us.

Long weeks of crazy heat and zero rain makes for four lazy dogs and one crabby wife.

So Handy Hubby comes to the rescue once again!

I wanted to share this one because it’s a cool off-grid hack, even though we aren’t off-grid. The ability to pump water from your natural spring, creek or man-made pond or other source has advantages for any landowner. There is the savings on your water bill of course, and the peace of mind in having an alternate water supply, but beyond that the untreated water is better for the plants, animals and environment.

While it does take some significant time and expense initially, to set it up, move it around and then conveniently store it away when not in use is just what we need around here.

We soak the yard and garden with it, and then soak in it ourselves in our 200 gallon stock tank. A real redneck sort of system, but so refreshing!

I asked for a detailed explanation on Hubby’s handiwork to include here for anyone interested and he mumbled, “Just glue it and screw it.”

Yes a man of few words, but great actions, just like I like ‘em. 🤣

On further pressuring him he said if there was anyone reading this that must know the details, just say so in a comment below and he’ll let me figure out a way to persuade him to oblige.

Author: KenshoHomestead

Creatively working toward self-sufficiency on the land.

8 thoughts on “My Rain Man”

    1. Ok, here we go!

      At your water source you’ll need a 2-inch “trash” or ”semi-trash” water pump.

      Run a 2 inch PVC pipe line to your garden. (1 1/2 would also work depending on how much water you want to move). Construct the distribution system with 4-ways (ball valves and PVC pipes with camlock fittings), sprinkler heads (wash-down nozzle), and some flexible discharge hoses. (See links below and photos above and ask any questions!) 🙂

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  1. Handy Hubby reminds me of the “Energizer Bunny” from the old commercials. Does he ever stop? Drought is not good. Look at the extreme disaster it’s causing out west. The system he set up looks like it could be helpful if a fire breaks out . Always good to keep the area around the home wet especially when you live near a forest. I haven’t ever seen a system like this. Looks interesting. I’ll have to think on it a bit.

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    1. He ‘putters’ (his word choice) harder than most folk work! Good raisin’, I guess! :). He has been mentioning lately he can’t keep up like he used to, like on his knees laying tile right now. Our new utility room is nearly done though, and I’m so excited!


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